Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Monday is the poor red-headed step child of the whole week, but I personally thinks it brings the hatred upon himself. 
I am spending this lovely day of the week at an early morning appointment at the "lady" doctors.  These visits only come once a year, but oh how I dread them.  I would rather visit the dentist monthly if I could skip this violating exam (though I do have to say I love the PA I see, she could not be sweeter).
After the exam I am treating myself to a shopping trip at Target and lunch and laptop time! 

But before I get undressed in a cold exam room, lets reminisce about this weekends adventures, which were a tad more fun!

Friday night after work I swung by the gelato/smoothie shop my brother helps run to drop off the snowboard gear he lent Brandon (it was a boys only trip :( )  I tried out their beyond delicious Rice Krispy Treat gelato and grabbed a to-go container to win "World's Best Aunt" award with my nephews.  My sister and I were going out for the night, so dessert was their constellation prize for hanging out at home with dad.
{Check out Strawberry Fields if you are in Norfolk, Virginia}

My sister and I went out to our favorite pub right up the street for dinner and drinks.  We always have the best time out and the band was even nice enough to let us to give some song requests.  We kept it classic 90's... of course!

I spent the night at my sisters because of the ice still out on the roads (and a beer or two at her house when we got home).  I woke up to a "good morning" from my 2-year old nephew and then we watched a riveting episode of Curious George.

Then I popped over my parents to say hi, then hit the mall for a little shopping trip.  I remembered as soon as I entered the parking lot why I loathe the mall.  People's driving skills remind me of the first day of Driver's Ed and the amount of people in one space inside those stores gets crazy.  And while I love getting new clothes, trying them on may be the least fun activity ever.  So after an hour of window shopping, and a successful splurge at Old Navy, I took one lap through Forever 21, felt like I was 60 (kid's these days.. geeze) and I was out! 
{Still obsessed with mint and can not wait to wear these gems from Old Navy}

I drove down to meet Brandon at his buddies place where they had been hunting all day and while the guys pounded their chests over beers, I sat inside with Chris' wife and their adorable little baby.  We had the best time and Jax's was such an adorably happy baby, the kind that gives you baby fever.

Sunday Brandon had to work so after making him coffee I went back to bed and lounged.  After a nice big cup of coffee for myself I cleaned up a bit and got to work on my skirt project!
{The light doesn't give it justice.  I can't wait to make more!}

  Huge success if I may say so myself, check back later this week for all the details!

But now we are back to counting down to Friday and I am now going to spend the afternoon getting Brandon's car detailed as a surprise for his birthday while he is away this week because I am that great of a wife (just kidding... I spilled coffee all over the driver's seat this morning and I too embarrassed to tell him - they don't call me Hurricane Emily for nothing!)

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