Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finding the Fit

As I stand in my closet and say the 5 word sentence that every girl knows too well, I feel they are so true… I have nothing to wear!
I may be acting a bit overdramatic, but I feel this new closet of ours needs some new fresh outfits!  And while I could spend hours drooling over pinterest pairings, I feel it is better to keep it sensible and revamp the wardrobe where the revamping is needed most, work clothes.  And first up in the work clothes line-up are pants!
How fun, I know, but I treated myself to a few nice pair of work slacks when I got my first big girl job and those trusty trousers are starting to deteriorate.  They are the greatest fit of pants, and of course they no longer make them, so it is time to hit the racks and add a few new dress pants to the work day wear. 
Que the internet search finds –
 (is the subtle obsession with ankle pants obvious?!)
The last dreaded part is to hit the shops and see the actual fit of these bad boys to see if they make the cut.  Fingers crossed for success.
Anyone have any recommendations on a great pair of dress pants?  Any trusty fits fill your closet?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Fri-Yayy

Happy Fri-yay!  Now if only the sun could come out to make this day better, but for now I will enjoy my morning cup of coffee and dream about the weekend ahead and look back at all the best parts of the past week.
Spring called for a new haircut!  I chopped my hair back to shoulder length and am loving it!  Now I am spending my mornings figuring the best way to make it look just right.
The weather is heading towards that perfect sunny and 75 and I took full advantage of the gorgeous day on Wednesday. 
Grabbed some new workout gear this week and am looking forward to getting back into workout mode.
Crossed a pinterest to do off my list and made some homemade laundry detergent.  Three loads in and it is great!  Check out this link to the DIY, I found the ingredients below at walmart.
Checked out the lookbook for Targets soon to be released Lilly Pulitizer line and I am so excited.  I can’t wait to get my hands on all these great pieces!!
Link up with the lovely ladies for the 5 on Friday to share what you are loving about this week.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bunny Masks for Little Ones

As a special events coordinator I spend my days coming up with fun, family-friendly activities in the local parks.  Arts and crafts are always a big hit with the younger ones, but the crafts we can have the kiddos do in the park sometimes leave me feeling stumped.  I want the crafts to be fun, but glue, paint and anything that requires “dry-time” becomes my arch nemesis.

Below is an adorable little craft I stumbled upon for the little ones to enjoy and just in time for Easter.

It looks cuter on the little ones
What you will need: 

Links to supplies: popsicle sticks | pom-poms | pipe cleaners
{the popsicle sticks with the sticky ends eliminate the need for glue}

Step One: Remove sticky paper from stick
Step two: Pop on the pom-pom
Step three: Twist the pipe cleaner around the stick for whiskers
Step four: Ta-da, all done!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Skirts and Polka Dots

I am so ready for spring and I have a great dressy casual look to wear around wants the temps bump a bit.  These wedges are beyond comfy and paired with my favorite light jacket, this will definitely be a go to for a sunny day.

And this skirt has pockets!  The Best!!
 What outfit can you not wait to get out of the closet?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hues of Blues

Spring is here but with the temperatures lingering in the low 50’s it’s not quite time to grab the flip-flops and shorts just yet (though I did get a pedicure in this weekend so my toes are ‘open toe’ season ready!).
I grabbed one of my favorite puffer vests to get one last use before it is pushed to the back of the closet to make way for beach covers!
Vest_Loft | button-up_New York & Co | boyfriend jeans_New York & Co | kicks_Target
What are some of your favorite looks for the in-between seasons?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

The intern at work laughed when I didn’t know how tinder worked (and that I first called it “kinder”) and then my brother invited me out to a bar to hear his friend play at 9, and my first response was PM?!  Let’s just say this last week had me feeling a bit old…
So I decided to toss aside the old lady sweater and be fun this weekend. 

Saturday after rearranging our garage to fit some extra freezers Brandon’s uncle gave us I headed to Virginia Beach.  My sister, youngest brother and I went to the oceanfront Abbey Road to hear Ben’s college roommate play.  Jackson is a great live performer and it was a great night out!

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house and having my parents over.  We tried out a restaurant in town that Brandon and I have been wanting to go to.  We had planned our Friday night date night there but it turns out this little mom and pop diner closes at 8, so maybe this is the perfect little town for my old self!