Thursday, March 13, 2014

Here comes the sun...

I love the sunshine, not like a "I really like you" Juan Pablo kind of love, I am full on obsessed with sunshine.  Not only does it help with a pretty sweet tan, but it gives me so much motivation.
This winter has killed me.  When the sun set at 5 pm during the cold dreary months, my day was over before I even make it home from the office.  But now, daylight savings time is here and I can dance in circles outside, even after happy hour!
I have found myself so productive in the evenings and am loving every second of it.  

Current plans are:
- Preping for Saturday's bridal shower
- Finalizing details for my BFF's bachelorette party in early April (DC... here we come)

- Picking the specifics for our house (who knew there were that many shades of off-white)
picking the external colors and material
- Getting our calendar ready for summer.  I am thinking trips to PA, Chicago and the beach are musts!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Esss Okay

My favorite part about Law and Order is you can turn on any episode and not be completely lost.  While the show does carry a small backstory for each character, it is not so important that an episode revolves around it.  Not many shows are similar.  

Like the bachelor... I turned on this season for the first time last night (after talking to a girlfriend about it over the weekend) and apparently it was the finale.  I had to text Denise to see who we were rooting for and decided I would see what all the bloggers have been talking about.  I then got a spark notes catch-up on what was going on and read some celebrity gossip to get the juicy details.

And all I could think while watching was "Oh, honeyyy, bless your heart".  I just wanted to give those poor girls a hug.
While Juan Pablo (two first names... not a good sign) has his good parts, mainly his abs, everything else screams "total creeper".

**Spoiler Alert**
As I watched the finale I could agree that you never want to rush the "I love you" but how awkward to confess your undying love to someone on national television and have them say "I really like you" (in a very unsexy accent).  Hmmmm... not that it can't work, but that blonde bombshell looks like she is grasping for so much more!!

So I have to wonder how other people who have watched more than one episode feel about it?  Should she grasp for those straws?  Should she be the next bachelorette?!  Should we stick to marathons of Law and Order on USA network?!  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bridal Shower Inspiration

A few months back a good friend of mine asked me to help in planning her little sisters bridal shower.  My first thought was, holy crap... how is she old enough to be married (reality check - she is 23).  My second thought was I would LOVE too, I live for this stuff!!!  
So we got to work planning and dreaming of the perfect shower for Becky.  With an April wedding, we wanted to stick with light spring decor.  
With the shower coming up this weekend, I am in full craft mood and wanted to share some of our inspiration!

Burlap Banner... because I love burlap and it has a sweet subtle touch

Big Balloons and Pom-Poms

Tassel Garland (we saw these and knew it was a perfect DIY that we could do)

and a mimosa bar!!!  {because... everyone loves a mimosa bar}
We can't wait to tie all the final details together.  
Check back next week for a bridal shower recap!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Five on Friday... on Saturday

After getting into town later than expected (how do you big city people drive in this crap daily) I left the computer packed in my suitcase and enjoyed catch-up time with my old roommate instead of posting lasting night.  So here we go with my Five on Friday Saturday!!
Spending Friday night with my old college roommate and finally getting to celebrate in person her engagement!!

me and roomie! (gotta love iPhone quality)

wine at the most amazing little shop a block from roomies apartment
A weekend in DC for my BFF's Bridal Shower (wedding season has officially begun!!)
my beautiful BFF!
Making it through a middle-school Career Day Presentation alive and with few no tears!  I am kind of in love with my 9 to 5'r job but as I talked about all the awesome things I get to do, they stared at me like they would rather stab their eyeballs out with the logoed pens I gave them! 
Construction is officially fully underway at our house lot!!!  We are the proud owners of super expensive holes in the ground!
Having some sweet girl comment on how much she liked my outfit at Starbucks.  A bit vain on my part, but what a good mood it put me in.  It makes you think about how simple it is to be kind to those around you. 
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