Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shopping comfort!

Comfort is key when it comes to shopping! 
When I was up in Alexandria for girl's weekend we took a stroll through Old Town to check all the fabulous stores those streets hold!  We checked out everything from tea shops to toy stores, and all the clothing shops you can dream of. 
On top of an amazing Sunday with the girls, I was excited to get to pull out this warm vest for our little shopping spree!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Life as of late...

Fall, the greatest season of them all... and the busiest! (or so it seems some days!)
What have I been up to, oh just...
  • Celebrating my birthday with my amazing big-sister!  Girl's day at the ocean front followed by meeting up with one of our brothers and his wife for late night beers and pizza

  • Celebrating again the next morning with all the brothers, my parents, nephews, and husband (he works all the good days!) 
  • Chopping my hair off!  It was a series of bad hair days that lead to this bold decision!  Besides the one mini-freak out where I was convinced I had given myself a "mom" hair cut, I am loving this new length!

  • Visiting my girl friends from college in Alexandria, Virginia for Girl's Weekend!  (Which now includes husbands and boyfriends)

  • Inventory for Simply Style Boutique!  Working on a fresh new look for Simply Style, what is your favorite part of our little shop?  Check us out - www.simplystyleboutique.com

  • Hustling at the 9 to 5'r!  I am a Special Events Coordinator and the fall andholiday season is my time to shine!! I mean what could be better than planning Santa Claus big debut!!

Now on to Thanksgiving week, which by far is the greatest holiday of all!! I am also doing my best to follow my strict no Christmas music before Thanksgiving (which was slightly spoiled at work) but you better believe I have Neil Diamond's Christmas CD in the car and ready to rock on Black Friday!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday - the first day of the greatest month!

Five on Friday!!!
{one} Happy November!! It’s a pretty great month, I mean amazing things happen in November.  The world celebrates my birthday… tomorrow! And Thanksgiving, the greatest Holiday ever comes around!
Wipe out your favorite scarf, grab a PSL and celebrate!
{two} I successfully followed a recipe and enjoyed my yummy reward!  Check out yesterday’s post for this delicious dinner/snack
{three} Living in the country isn’t all to terrible when afternoons can be spent 4-wheeling around the farm!
riding backseat
{four} Our “Thank You” notes for our wedding gifts came in the mail yesterday!! Yaayy!  I am in love!  Our photographer is amazing and this picture just makes me smile!  I can not wait to do wedding recap posts and share more!
"Thank You, <3 the Uptons!"
the back of the card :)
{five} My birthday tomorrow will be spent cheering on my nephew at his soccer game, a convention with my sister with dinner and drinks to follow.  Brandon is working on my birthday again this year, but Sunday is reserved for celebrating with the whole family!  And this is why I love that we can live near our families!!