Thursday, October 30, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

The weekend is so close I can taste it!!  And there is a little extra pep in my weekend-eve step because this Sunday is my birthday!! Whoop Whoop, the big 2-8!
My birthday wishlist this year should consist entirely of home goods (mainly curtains... we are in desperate need of curtains) but I figured splurging a little on myself should be what birthdays are for!
My picks:
1. Kate Spade Planner (after some planner-soul-searching, I have fallen in love with this one!)
3. Otterbox Monogrammed Phone Case... with flamingos!
4. World Market Desk (to finally add some furniture to my new office)
6. New Fall Nail Polish Colors (have you tried the new gel envy? Love it!!)
{And the desk is 25% off at World Market through Tuesday... happy birthday to me!}
What is on your current wishlist?

Weekend Wear

While I am a fan of a perfectly put together work day outfit, I can't help but love the simplicity of weekend wear! 

Pairing a basic cozy sweater with a pair of booties to dress it up is my go to for a day of running errands with my favorite bucket bag (or my "luggage bag" as Brandon lovingly calls it).

What is your go-to weekend outfit this fall?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall to-dos

As the temperatures begin to drop (or hover in the low 70’s… who are you in Virginia) I have been making a list of the fall time activities we want to do before the holiday season.

1.       Go apple-picking: I have been researching local orchards and am loving the idea.

2.       Bake a homemade home apple-pie: I have the black thumb of cooking so this may be an all-out fail, but at least I will be able to say we tried. (any recipes are appreciated!!)

3.       Have a bonfire: some perks of living in the country is you can shot guns in the side yard and have a nice bonfire out back.

Last years little fire, this year we want bigger and better (and smores included!)
4.       Find the perfect crock-pot chili recipe

5.       Visit the local farmers market: most here close up shop in mid-November so we still have a few weekends to enjoy the local treats.

6.       Take a family photo shoot: I see a Christmas card in our future.

maybe a repeat of this 2012 pose...
       7.       Paint a pumpkin: Because carving the thing is such a mess…

  What are your favorite fall time traditions and what is on your must-to list?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Because yesterday's post didn't publish :(

I would first like to say that I truly believe that all weekends should be three days long!  A 7:30 wake-up call from the dog was much nicer than the 6:00 am alarm clock this Monday morning.
And after a day of closet organizing (which by the looks of it, didn't happen) and showing off the new house to my parents, I am ready to get back in to work week mode... but first, a weekend recap.
Friday night I worked the local Peanut Festival manning our booth to show off all the new upcoming events in the City.  It was a night of some quality people watching time and fair food.  I tried a fried oreo for the first time, which I would describe as a sweet hush puppy.  A bit disappointed and think I'll stick to my milk-dunked oreos for now.

massive amounts of dough... little bit of oreo
Saturday I was up before the sun to get ready for the yard sale at my sister-in-laws parents house. I stopped at my new favorite little roadside pumpkin stand to pick up my nephews a few little pumpkins to take to my sisters.  This little country spot just screams "fall" and I love it!

At the yard sale we were able to get rid of some old kitchen supplies from our house in Christiansburg.  Haggling over the price of old pots and pans is not my idea of an enjoyable morning, but I did love catching up with my sister-in-law and her family.
And with a few dollars in my pocket I headed out shopping with my sister.  We had some décor success at Marshalls and I can't wait to hang our new curtains up.
The rest of the evening was spent watching the new Transformers and enjoying a delicious home cooked meal (aka - frozen pizza) with Brandon.
On Sunday I had some big plans for house decorating and organizing and only ended up cleaning up our dvr list (I am now addicted to Forever and How to Get Away with Murder).  But some cleaning was done and our week has started off on the right foot.
Happy Monday ladies!

Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Sandwich Board

On Friday I talked about the sandwich board I recently made for my friend’s wedding and I wanted to share this easy DIY.
First, the shopping list:
2 2’x4’ sheets of particle board ¾” thick
2 hinges (I like the triangle shaped kind)
12 wood screws ½”
2 pieces of thin chain (you can either buy in bulk and cut to the length, or have the store attendants cut it for you)
2 cans White Primer
2 cans Chalkboard Paint
{I found all the supplies at the local lowes store}
After laying down a surface covering for painting, paint one side of both pieces of particle board with primer.  Let dry per directions on the can.  Add a layer of chalkboard paint, let dry and add a second coat of chalkboard paint.
After the paint has dried, lay the boards down paint side facing down, butting them up short end to short end.  Measure and align the hinges on the board and screw in.  (I went in approximately 5” from the end on each side.) 
Stand up the now hinged board and check for evenness. 
Next you will attach the chain to keep the board from opening to wide.  Find the best angle you want the sign to sit at.  Note where the chain will have to be attached. 
Measure each side down the exact amount and mark it.  Screw the chain into each side.
Stand up your new fancy A-frame and applaud your amazingness!
(I took a large piece of chalk and ran it across the paint sides, per the paint can instructions, and wiped it off before I wrote on it.)
I am now obsessed with this DIY and am trying to find any reason to make more!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Five on Friday}... is back!

It is Friday and the lovely ladies are back with the Five on Friday link-up!
Join Darci, Christina, April and Natasha and share your Five on Friday.
This past weekend I had the honor of standing by my college roommates side as she became a wife!  We have loved Nick from the beginning and as our "girl's weekends" started to slowly get overtaken by the husbands and boyfriends, he has fit right in!
with my oh so favorite Heather!
roomie love <3
bridesmaid usies with our favorite redheaded bride front and center!
 We had such an amazing time with my college friends and I am missing the weekend so much already!
After a pinterest binge evening a few months back I came across a wedding ceremony seating sign and sent it right over to Katey.  We both loved it so I promised I would have one for her at the wedding so I got to work (well let's be honest... I put it off forever and finished it the week before the ceremony)
I loved how it turned out and will be sharing a how-to post soon!
To start off fall and to celebrate our first season in our new home I made some door décor Wednesday night! 
And while in my full craft mode, I went into a fabric store that I discovered in town and I went into idea overload!  We are in desperate need of house décor and I plan to spend the weekend pinning some new ideas, setting up my sewing machine in the new office, and getting to work!
kind of loving the gray!
 We have a weekend with very few places to go which means I will finally get to spend two full days unpacking and organizing (and decorating)!  I can't wait to feel a little more settled in!
{any unpacking, decorating or housekeeping tips are much appreciated!!}