Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Reception Fun

Sharing the last few wedding photos for Wedding Wednesday.
Our reception was everything we wanted.  We had the perfect venue at the Surf Club Ocean Grille in the Wyndham Hotel (which made for an easy elevator ride up to their room for our guests after an evening of fun!)
The wall of windows looked over the most amazing September days at the beach!
{This is the beach view from the patio}
We started with cocktail hour on the patio and sand for our guests as the bridal party took photos nearby.  We then had everyone inside for dinner followed by our first dance to kick start the dancing!
{Our first dance to Darius Rucker's History in the Making}

{Father/Daughter dance to Heartlands I Loved Her First}

{Mother/Son dance to Rascall Flatts My Wish}

My side of the family (Aunts, Uncles and Cousins)... love this crazy group!
The patio was also open after dinner and we had one of our bartenders outside.

We had cupcakes for dessert and one small cake to cut.  Those beautiful flutes were our first engagement present from my grandmother.

My sister's maid of honor speech... I couldn't live without her!!

I went classy while Brandon was not so nice!

My nephew, Jack, ruled that dance floor!

The finger point is my signature dance move.  Brandon laughs at this picture because standing beside my fancy moves is my aunt who owns her own dance studio in Pennsylvania... I obviously did not attend!!

Our exit under a glow stick tunnel

Love, the Uptons!!
*our photographer was a dear friend of mine since grade school.  Her and her husband were an amazing duo.  If you live in the Virginia Beach area, check her out  at Cynthia Tenney Photography 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Adventures is Sewing - work skirt

I am feeling pretty awesome about this little project I made on Sunday.  It was a very simple pattern to follow, which are best kind to try!
My sister had sent me the link for the pattern a few weeks back, but I was waiting on the mailman to bring my new fabric cutting board and roller cutter to really get to work.

This is the basic pattern.  My skirt tube was only 36 inches around (as opposed to the pattern that called for it to be 60"), so there is less of a twirl to mine.  The waist is elastic so you can play around to find the best fit for you.  I was thinking a tad more fitted would be better for the office.
For this pattern, you fold the fabric in half, stitch a 1/2" seam up the length of the skirt.  Iron open (there is a ton of ironing in sewing!)

You will then stitch a half inch hem line on one end and a one and a half inch hem on the other side (which will give you a one inch border to feed the elastic through).  Be sure to leave an opening for the elastic.


After feeding the elastic through, stitch both ends together.  You finish it off by sewing closed the opening you left for the elastic.
Knowing this pattern did not call for a lining, I picked a fabric that would be thick enough on it's own.  I do want to try this again with other fabrics and linings.
What do you think?  Are you  hitting the sewing machine as we speak to file your wardrobe with simple skirts?!
{Adventures in Sewing - 52 projects in 52 weeks.  2/52 complete... I better get to work!}

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Monday is the poor red-headed step child of the whole week, but I personally thinks it brings the hatred upon himself. 
I am spending this lovely day of the week at an early morning appointment at the "lady" doctors.  These visits only come once a year, but oh how I dread them.  I would rather visit the dentist monthly if I could skip this violating exam (though I do have to say I love the PA I see, she could not be sweeter).
After the exam I am treating myself to a shopping trip at Target and lunch and laptop time! 

But before I get undressed in a cold exam room, lets reminisce about this weekends adventures, which were a tad more fun!

Friday night after work I swung by the gelato/smoothie shop my brother helps run to drop off the snowboard gear he lent Brandon (it was a boys only trip :( )  I tried out their beyond delicious Rice Krispy Treat gelato and grabbed a to-go container to win "World's Best Aunt" award with my nephews.  My sister and I were going out for the night, so dessert was their constellation prize for hanging out at home with dad.
{Check out Strawberry Fields if you are in Norfolk, Virginia}

My sister and I went out to our favorite pub right up the street for dinner and drinks.  We always have the best time out and the band was even nice enough to let us to give some song requests.  We kept it classic 90's... of course!

I spent the night at my sisters because of the ice still out on the roads (and a beer or two at her house when we got home).  I woke up to a "good morning" from my 2-year old nephew and then we watched a riveting episode of Curious George.

Then I popped over my parents to say hi, then hit the mall for a little shopping trip.  I remembered as soon as I entered the parking lot why I loathe the mall.  People's driving skills remind me of the first day of Driver's Ed and the amount of people in one space inside those stores gets crazy.  And while I love getting new clothes, trying them on may be the least fun activity ever.  So after an hour of window shopping, and a successful splurge at Old Navy, I took one lap through Forever 21, felt like I was 60 (kid's these days.. geeze) and I was out! 
{Still obsessed with mint and can not wait to wear these gems from Old Navy}

I drove down to meet Brandon at his buddies place where they had been hunting all day and while the guys pounded their chests over beers, I sat inside with Chris' wife and their adorable little baby.  We had the best time and Jax's was such an adorably happy baby, the kind that gives you baby fever.

Sunday Brandon had to work so after making him coffee I went back to bed and lounged.  After a nice big cup of coffee for myself I cleaned up a bit and got to work on my skirt project!
{The light doesn't give it justice.  I can't wait to make more!}

  Huge success if I may say so myself, check back later this week for all the details!

But now we are back to counting down to Friday and I am now going to spend the afternoon getting Brandon's car detailed as a surprise for his birthday while he is away this week because I am that great of a wife (just kidding... I spilled coffee all over the driver's seat this morning and I too embarrassed to tell him - they don't call me Hurricane Emily for nothing!)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: the wedding... and camo!!!

We are four months in to married life and we are still pretty smitten with each other.  We have been together 6 years next month, and while wedding bands seemed like a small change, married life seems to add a whole different dimension to our relationship.  It is one of those changes that is scary and wonderful all at the same time.
As I help my mom put together wedding photo books for her and my mother-in-law, I can't help but share a few more of my favorites!
Possibly one of my favorite photos... my 3 brothers!  Too cool in their suits


That smile!  It will never get old.

I love how simple this church is.  It was the church I grew up in, and where my sister was married.


All Brandon wanted in the wedding was camouflage, but I couldn't help but insist they had tuxes for the church.  So my mom was sweet enough to sew each of the guys their own camo vests and surprised them with the vest at the rehersal!  One rule: they had to wear the fancy vest in the church ;)

Those boys were out of  those tuxedo jackets and into the camo vests faster than you could say "moonshine"!

Brandon... feeling like a king!

An Upton sandwich between my father-in-law and brother-in-law!

the bling! Please notice that Brandon's ring is camouflage (to say he is a country boy may be a large understatement!)

My husband's was camouflage, was their one thing that your husband insisted on for your wedding?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adventures in Sewing

So my first solo sewing project was a success, but Tuesday evening’s attempt was nothing close to an awesome piece.  Make that two piece fails to be exact!
My first idea was to try a “super simple” skirt pattern my sister had sent me, and successfully completed I might add.  So I ironed my fabric, checked out the pattern then quickly realized my sewing room supplies are very lacking.  To get an even cut I will definitely need to purchase a cutting board, roller cutter and measurer.  (Which I purchased on amazon today!) 
I put that idea to the side and thought I could wipe out a little zipper pouch.  I didn’t have a pattern, but how hard could it be.  Oh, I was in for a bit of frustration and no zipper pouch to show for it.  Whomp, Whomp. 
Needless to say I have quite a bit more to learn, and think I should get the supplies I need and stick to easy patterns and picture heavy instructions.
And maybe re-read the instructions on this bad boy!
I am still determined to finish my 52 patterns in 52 weeks.  My goal this week is to have something completed by Sunday night!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Five on Friday - on Sunday

Happy Friday Sunday {my internet hates me so I am just now getting it up!}!!  But I am back again this week to link up with my favorite Friday ladies for Five on Friday!
Found my Jawbone Up fitness band (in a coat pocket in the closet… I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached).  Now on to a happy, healthy New Year.
 Hooray for the state of Virginia celebrating Lee/Jackson Day the Friday before Martin Luther King Jr. Monday.  Just 4 work days next week before a 4 day weekend J
This adorable Christmas card that came in the mail this weekend from a sweet older couple who bought a beagle puppy from our litter in November. 
“Belle” looks like she is a much loved little puppy!

I re-discovered my love for the FX show, The League!  A group of immature fantasy football obsessed thirty-somethings is so addicting! 
Loving my first full work week with my Day Designer planner!  I am loving all of its features and have even color coded my life down to my pens.  2014, it’s gonna be a good year!
Have a great week!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

That time I felt old

Sitting at my friend’s house the other day we were talking about getting old.  As we sat watching her two year old little guy run circles around the living room we discussed how some moment’s made us feel grown up, like having a baby or being married, and how other moment’s left us feeling like 12 year olds, being at work presenting to a board of directors hoping that no one can see how terrified and immature you feel.
That got me to think about the first time I really felt like I was getting old.  It wasn’t when I spotted a gray hair (which our now everywhere… I am in desperate need of some hair dye), or even when I signed the paperwork for building our own house, no, It was 4 years ago, the moment the eye doctor told me “you need eyeglasses, it’s just what happens when you get old”. 
I was 23 and had gone my whole life with perfect vision, but now, apparently, I was getting old and this was my reality check!
Thankfully glasses are not the same old coke bottle crazies that poor kid in 1st grade had to wear with an elastic band wrapped around his head!  They can be stylish, even completing an outfit in some cases.  Look at Zooey Deschanel, she rocks those frames just to be cool! 
And here is where steps in, not only can you get a pair of fantastically perfect eyeglasses at a perfect price, but they are delivered right to your door.  I am a huge fan of online shopping (so much so I created my own boutique) and having the ability to buy glasses from the comfort of the couch... heaven! takes the whole eyeglasses online process a step further by creating the new Virtual Mirror Feature.  It let's you try on all those new wayfarers to get the perfect look.  It's a simple feature to use, just upload your photo, use the controls to line-up your pic and start shopping!

So simple!

I am thinking "Yes"

 Now let's see your look - is currently offering 15% off your order and free shipping on orders over $50 with code FS15.   AND use code Blog10 to get 10% off all prescription glasses! 
Shop away my friends and tell me, when did you feel old?!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - The Sentimental Stuff

My love for pinterest is pretty intense.  I mean, so many amazing ideas all in one place.  When I was wedding planning I knew I wanted to incorporate meaningful pieces into our big day,  I wanted to remember those I wished could be with us.  People had posted to pinterest so many sweet and suttle ways to do just that. 
Here are my favorite parts that I incorporated with my wedding attire.
My Nanie (my mother's mother) lent me her gold chain bracelet and rose bud earrings to wear at my wedding.  My sister was also sweet enough to lend me the bracelet that our grandmother (my father's mother) had left her before she passed away.   These were my something borrowed.
{I did, however, trade out Nanie's earrings for the perfect diamond earrings that Brandon surprised me with while I was getting dresses, delivered by my bridesmaid}
Nanie's wedding dress was in no shape to keep, so year's ago my mom had cut up the material to save the good pieces.  I used a piece of that dress to add Brandon and I's initials, along with our wedding date, to the lining layer of my dress.  We added on the cross my grandparent's had given me at my baptism.  My something old - the dress material, something new - our new monogram, and something blue - the stitching.
On my bouquet (which weighed a thousand pounds! - flowers are heavy) I had lace from nanie's veil wrapped around the stems along with 3 charms.  The names on the charms are for my sister and brothers who passed away as infants.  Molly is the oldest and Patrick and Timothy are younger than me.  They passed away from a rare genetic syndrome known as Zellweger Syndrome.  They were each only with us for a year or less, but still have such a large part of my heart and I couldn't imagine not including them in some way. 
This was my favorite piece and I was so excited how perfect these sweet simple charms turned out.
What sentimental pieces did you have (or would love to include) in your wedding?  Did you have a something old, new, borrowed, and blue?!