Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Days

Now that everyone's closets are stuffed to the brim with the best fall pieces from the big sale at Nordstrom people are wishing the summer days away.  I say nooo, I am finally getting my butt in gear for bikini season and believe I have finally learned the proper way to use suntan lotion... only took 28 years of the glowing lobster look!  I say leave the blanket scarves and riding boots in the back of the closet for a bit longer while we enjoy August with full summer love.
And besides... I am just starting to love color again and am not ready to turn in my corals and mint for deep reds and brown quite yet!
 top: H & M {similar} | pants: Old Navy | flats: Target | bag: Philip Liam for Target

May your days be lazy and nights long... enjoy every last drop of summer!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was the kind that makes you want to buy a lottery ticket and spend the rest of your days as a professional vacationer (that's a career, right?!).
I was back down in the Outer Banks visiting with family who was down from Michigan and Pennsylvania.  A weekend at the beach is amazing, but add in a crowd of family and it is heaven.
We rode down late Wednesday night so we could wake up to enjoy a full morning.  Brandon and I had started our 21 Day Fix plan and I wanted to keep up with it so I woke up early to get my workout in before the rest of the house woke up.  The fresh beach air was the best way to start the day!
We had amazing weather all weekend which made for long days spent on the beach.  We all enjoyed swimming in the ocean, lunches on the beach, and bocce ball in the sand.
Saturday morning, my aunt, cousins and I woke up before our alarm clock to walk to the ocean to catch the sunrise.  We sat on the beach and watched the sun come up along with the other morning beach combers.

On Sunday, I tried to squeeze a day full of activities in before lunch.  My brother's sweet girlfriend, who teaches yoga and dance, woke up early with me and gave me a private little yoga session on the beach.  It was hands-down one of the best workouts I have had!  Before heading back for coffee we played around with poses and head stands. 

After breakfast, I took a ride down to the boardwalk in Duck.  I grabbed grapes at the local farmer's stand and walked along the water's edge.
I raced back to the house to get in a little paddleboard fun.  The sound was so calm and made for fun paddling and an awful attempt at yoga on the board.
After taking a shower (because of course I fell in the water), I headed back home.  It felt so good to be home and unpacked, but during the week it is hard to not want to be back with my toes in the sand.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend Wear

A perfect end to to our last outerbanks adventure was a trip to the outlets!  My sister, cousin and I made our way down to check iout all the great shops.  We grabbed some cute new pieces (including some goodies from the kitchen store...) and I found the perfect way to show my love for the weekend.

This comfy tee is the best lazy day wear! If only the weekday looked this good on me (insert winky face!).

top: Gap Outlet | shorts: New York and Co | sandals: Target

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Plain Tee

I have a growing love for the plain t-shirt.  It's a simple piece that you can mix with great piece of statement jewelry, leave it causal for an effortless look or match it with that pair of shorts that are a statement all their own.    And what better kind of plain tee then the kind with the perfect soft feel that isn't so sheer you need a cami (because layers in this Virginia heat are not your friend!).

 Grabbed this great top from Target and it is definitely one of my weekend go to pieces!  Paired with these perfect summer wedges and you are ready for a day around town!

top: Target | jeans: New York and Co | sandals: Jessica Simpson: TJMaxx | bag: New York and Co

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life Lately!

One day you are planning out what you want to do for the summer and you blink and you are mid-way through July!!  So here I am for a little “Life Lately” catch-up!
Throwing it back to May, I gave my hair another chop and am still loving that I did.  This shorter look has been just what I needed for summer! 

A girl’s trip was planned for Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania with two of my college favorites!  Heather and her husband had just bought the perfect home on the river and were the greatest host for a perfect weekend!
Their backyard was to die for, the little town they live in was picturesque, and we could booze-cruise canoe right up to the steps to their home.  Heaven!
Brandon worked on Father’s Day, so we hosted our families at our house for a cook out the day before!  I love hosting and hanging out with our favorite little ones.
On Father’s Day I headed to my parent’s to enjoy the day with my dad poolside.  
We finally got down to the Outer Banks to get some much needed sun, sand and family time!  We spent time on the beach, enjoyed in-home happy hours, paddle boarded (on the windiest of days), took a drive through the infamous “Brew Thru”, climbed to the tippy-top of the Corolla Light House and ended a great weekend with a shopping trip to the outlets.
Brandon and I have been exploring our little town more and more and checked the Farmer’s Auction off our list.  The colors and smells were amazing and we walked away with delicious cantaloupe and a boat load of fresh blackberries. 
We had an amazing July 4th event and the look in the little kids eyes as the fireworks hit the sky made my heart burst and reminded me ten-fold why I love my job!

This past weekend I got to play hostess when my best friend, Holly, came from DC for a visit to see the new house!  We spent time at the new pool we joined, watched a storm roll in on the back porch and chatted and laughed the night away on the couch in our yoga pants (I mean, is there any better way to spend a night with your bff?!)

And lastly, Brandon and I decided to try out the 21 Day Fix program (well I decided and Brandon agreed).  I had been feeling a bit sluggish lately and needed a kick of motivation.  I received a degree in Exercise and Health Promotion at college, am a certified personal trainer and work in the recreation field, but sadly I haven’t been able to get myself on a plan and stick to it.  So I did a little research and figured this would be a great way for Brandon and I to get our buns ready for the next beach trip!  We are only a week in but and we have a fridge full of fresh fruit and veggies, sore muscles, and a positive attitude… but we’ll give a full review when we get through!

We are looking forward to some fun adventures this summer and can’t wait to share more!!