Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Moved!

That's right, I moved!  I made the leap to a self hosted site and you can find me now at SimplyStyledEmily.com!
Come say hi!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

At Home with Emily: Great Dinner Recipes

I am not a great cook.  I do not deviate from a recipe (extra pinch of spice... no way!),  I feel that Martha Stewart, Julia Childs and the contributing chefs at Southern Living knew what they were doing when they wrote it.  I also don’t like complicated recipes, especially ones which have ingredients that I need to google in the grocery store to even know what they are (please tell me I am not the only one who does this)!  My cooking bible is a 5 Ingredient Cookbook my grandmother bought me in college when she realized I was not blessed with her Italian genes.  And even with my easy to follow recipes and to-the-letter cooking philosophy, I still make a mess most nights in the kitchen.

When I first started cooking for Brandon I would always keep pizza coupons on the fridge.  I would make his plate, ask him what he thought and then ask if I needed to call for pizza back-up!  That sweet man has always been willing to sacrifice his test buds to my attempts at new recipes, and only has asked for the sauce and dough reinforcements once.   

My “skills” in the kitchen have been getting better (slowly but surely) and I really knocked it out of the park last week with recipes I found on Pinterest.  And when I find a recipe I can follow (correctly) and it tastes good I need to shout it from the roof tops!

So if you are looking for some new dinner go-tos try these:
So who’s coming over for dinner?!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Loving Lately: 8 Tote-ally Great Bags for Back-to-School!

A fresh start is the best feeling whether it be a new year, a new job, even just a new day!  When the possibilities ahead are endless and the journey has yet to begin I get the biggest rush! 

This is probably why I was the nerdy kid who was excited for the start of a new school year!  So much to look froward to and I couldn't wait to begin!  Even better than a new school year?  New school supplies; sharp pencils, sharpies with a perfect point and a clean new notebook, the best! 

Adult life doesn't have the same fresh start feeling year after year but I think the new fall season can be a mini fresh start and new bag for work shopping may help me live vicariously through those heading back to school.

So as I do a little eenie-meenie-minnie-mo on which new bag will help me kick off fall, take a lot at some great choices for those lucky ladies heading back to campus!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Ruminations: August 28 - 29

Back to Monday with a 3 day weekend just 5 days away!  I am looking forward to a house full of friends for a girl's weekend!

This weekend we ran some errands, tested our trivia knowledge and prepped for our guests!

Saturday had a lazy start which lead to a shopping trip with Brandon to get him prepped for hunting season.  While I try to squeeze every last ounce out of the summer, Brandon feels that October can't get here soon enough.  We walked around Bass Pro Shop for a few hours and worked up an appetite for Buffalo Wild Wings where we learned how bad we both are at the music trivia game.

 I spent Sunday cleaning and working on some projects the busy work weeks have had me putting off.  I attempted made some "ready to bake" lasagnas to have on hand for the holiday weekend and have my fingers crossed that they turn out edible right! 

And as I cleaned up around the backyard I stumbled upon the pile where the lawn and tree clippings have been stashed.  This is also where last years pumpkin remains that ended up and I was surprised to see we had our very own pumpkin patch!  The worst part is if I had tried my hardest to grow them, it would have been a disaster! 

Now I am dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes and jack-o-lanterns!  Happy Monday!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Ruminations; August 21-23

This Monday started off with a hot cup of coffee and a mini cinnamon roll, so far so good!  We had a great weekend over here with friends and family, and the tiny deliciousness helped cure the Monday blues!

Saturday we hosted the baby shower my friend's sister and I have been planning.  It wasn’t a normal shower, since the baby is already here... more of a sip n’ show (is that a thing?!).  Whatever you call it we had a great time swooning over Baby Hazel!  And keeping with the party theme, she was even dressed as the cutest little pineapple complete with a headband leaf!

The Cake Push-Pops were definitely a hit!

Sunday was spent catching up on girl talk with my sister and my brother’s girlfriend.  We went to the Mermaid Winery.  If you are in the Norfolk area you must try this cute little spot.  You can try different flights, or stick to your favorites.

Now it’s time to power through these last few weeks of summer in the office dreaming of cool weather, and even cuter clothes!

Friday, August 21, 2015


This is my favorite cup…

But no really, we are a pretty outdoorsy.  Brandon’s degree is in Parks & Recreation and he is an outdoorsmen through and through.  He is in the tree stand all hunting season and on the golf course all summer! 
With our anniversary coming up, I have been on the hunt to find him something he will love.  He is a hard one to shop for, mainly because I have no idea what the perfect golf club looks like or what hunting equipment he’ll need for the season so I was excited to see Oakley’s line of sunglasses with the new Prizm RX lenses are now available to order.

These lenses will be just what he needs to help his golf game on these sunny fall days ahead.  The goal Oakley had when creating these lenses was to enhance athletic performance by creating a lens that will optimize the light and meet each environments unique demands on vision.  And while they will never help my ability to even get the ball successfully off the tee, the unrivaled lens technology is fine-tuned for specific sports use, be it golf, hunting, fishing and more.
The line became available for pre-order on August 17th and will be available in Oakley’s full catalog of frames.  You can find out more about the lens design and get your pre-order at Salt City Optics. Be sure to check out their full selection of prescription sunglasses too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What's In My Bag - Beach Bag

The end of summer may be fast approching but I am clinging on to hot days in the for dear life!  In the south we get to enjoy this warm weather so I am leaving my beach bag packed for a day trip to the beach or pool.  Here is what I have packed in my bag this season: 

2. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30: This is now on my “must have for summer list”.  Along with my blue eyes and freckles, I also inherited my dad’s Irish skin.  Spray lotion has been my arch nemesis and has left me with some awkward splotches.  I discovered this amazingness this summer and spent four  days in the Outer Banks without the need for aloe!  I put this stuff on right after the shower on a day I know I will be outside. It goes on like regular body lotion.  I throw it in my bag to reapply while I am in the sun.

3. Rainbow Flip Flops: Growing up in Virginia Beach flip flops are the main staple to your wardrobe.  Falls in Blacksburg didn’t stop me from wearing flip flops with my sweatshirt around campus. And to this day, they are my favorite go-to shoes.  Of all the brands around, I can’t say enough great things about Rainbows!

4. Cup: Because hydration is key!

5. Xhilaration Bathing Suit: Grabbed this great piece up from Target this season.  The top fits great, and be sure to shop the link because the back of this one is a must-see!

6. Stripe Throw Blanket: Found this great piece at Target and not only is it perfect to spread out on the beach or pool deck, but come fall it will be perfect blanket to wrap up in around a bonfire.  Shop smarter, not harder, right?!

Hope you ladies are enjoying these last days of summer while you dream of Pumpkin Spice and scarves!