Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Ruminations: August 28 - 29

Back to Monday with a 3 day weekend just 5 days away!  I am looking forward to a house full of friends for a girl's weekend!

This weekend we ran some errands, tested our trivia knowledge and prepped for our guests!

Saturday had a lazy start which lead to a shopping trip with Brandon to get him prepped for hunting season.  While I try to squeeze every last ounce out of the summer, Brandon feels that October can't get here soon enough.  We walked around Bass Pro Shop for a few hours and worked up an appetite for Buffalo Wild Wings where we learned how bad we both are at the music trivia game.

 I spent Sunday cleaning and working on some projects the busy work weeks have had me putting off.  I attempted made some "ready to bake" lasagnas to have on hand for the holiday weekend and have my fingers crossed that they turn out edible right! 

And as I cleaned up around the backyard I stumbled upon the pile where the lawn and tree clippings have been stashed.  This is also where last years pumpkin remains that ended up and I was surprised to see we had our very own pumpkin patch!  The worst part is if I had tried my hardest to grow them, it would have been a disaster! 

Now I am dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes and jack-o-lanterns!  Happy Monday!

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