Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Ruminations; August 21-23

This Monday started off with a hot cup of coffee and a mini cinnamon roll, so far so good!  We had a great weekend over here with friends and family, and the tiny deliciousness helped cure the Monday blues!

Saturday we hosted the baby shower my friend's sister and I have been planning.  It wasn’t a normal shower, since the baby is already here... more of a sip n’ show (is that a thing?!).  Whatever you call it we had a great time swooning over Baby Hazel!  And keeping with the party theme, she was even dressed as the cutest little pineapple complete with a headband leaf!

The Cake Push-Pops were definitely a hit!

Sunday was spent catching up on girl talk with my sister and my brother’s girlfriend.  We went to the Mermaid Winery.  If you are in the Norfolk area you must try this cute little spot.  You can try different flights, or stick to your favorites.

Now it’s time to power through these last few weeks of summer in the office dreaming of cool weather, and even cuter clothes!

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