Friday, May 31, 2013


We got to Friday a little quicker this week... at least the 3-day weekend made it feel that way.

Just wanted to squeeze in a quick High Five for Friday with before the weekend begins!

It is the end of the "Blog Everyday in May"  which turned into an epic fail on my end.  I followed all you lovely ladies but I guess I wasn't sure what to write for a few topics... and then I just fell off the bandwagon completely!

Ordered my ladies bridesmaid dresses!!  Woo hoo!!  I have some of the most amazing friends and I can't wait for them to be part of Brandon and I's wedding!
(more details to come on the dresses! - a big thank you to a big sale!)

Monday's birthday party for mom and my brother/Memorial Day Cook-out was a fantasitc way to end a 3 day weekend (plus I won cool Aunt points when I took my older nephew for 49 cent slushees, but lost some sister points when said nephew was on an intense sugar high right before dinner)

Birthday dinner out with our friends Jess and Chaz for Jess's birthday.  The hibachi grill meal ended with an impromptu drive to North Carolina to see their brand new house.  Not too far of a drive, and their home is fantastic.

FRIDAY!!  This week has been a long one.  I am ready to get some sleep and take care of the to-do list that has quickly been building up!

Cheers to the weekend Ladies!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My love affair with stripes

Stripes may be the main theme in my closet this spring!  I can't help it!  Cute and comfy tops like these are perfect!
What are your go to styles this season?

top: H & M
pants: Pac-sun
shoes: NY and CO
watch: Simply Style Boutique

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend casual

Gotta love weekend mornings spent in Home Depot! 
Can't wait to share our cornhole board wedding project we started last weekend!! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The greatest dress ever

Walking through Target I stumbled upon what may or may not be the greatest dress ever!
It is the perfect length for the office, but not so stuffy that you can't wear it out and about on the weekend! 
Today I layered with a pink 3/4 length shirt to add a little pop of color!

dress: target
collared shirt: NY and Co
shoes: target
necklace: gift
It comes in a stiped style and I may have to add it to my closet as well!

Friday, May 24, 2013

High Five for Friday!

We made it to the weekend!!! {a little wore out and water logged, but we made it!}
Now as we start our countdown to 5 o'clock, let's recap the best parts of the week with Lauren from @ Lauren Elizabeth with High Five for Friday!
First a 'Happy Birthday' shout out to my big brother Michael! 

this has always been my favorite picture of the two of us... oh Mr. Potato Head!

See you later tonight for birthday drinks buddy!
a happy Birth-day to our new little puppies!!
We have hunting beagles and Lily had her first liter of puppies on Sunday.  They are quite possibly the cutest things ever!!  How can you not want to snuggle those little babies!
(Hunting season can't come fast enough for Brandon.  Looks like I will get to hang out with these little ones when the big kids go off to play in the fall!)
Speaking of babies, we got to spend our Monday snuggling this little one! 
Brandon with his niece, Tenleigh
I can't believe she will be two months old on the 2nd!
Our honeymoon is BOOKED!!! Eekkk!!

I want to hop on a plan now!!! Can't wait till September to spend my days in Punta Cana with the new hubs!!
A 3-day weekend!!! 
My memorial day weekend consists of bike rides, bar crawls, beach and pool time!! Ahh perfection!!
(there is no picture to go with this one... and whatever you do, don't google "3-day weekend images", especially at work.  it may or may not be the title of a naughty movie.  this was discovered the hard way}
What have been the best parts of your week?  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Why dogs are like newborns

I learned this weekend that I am, in no way, ready for a baby! 
{Brandon is letting out a sigh of relief}
Late Friday night , after a great eveing of playing in the country and a little bit of movie watching (Jack Reacher = must see!), we headed to bed at Brandon's.  Hunter (the dog) has found a need to squeeze himself in between us at night, no matter how uncomfortable he, or anyone else, may be! 
Well good old bed hog himself starts crying and barking uncontrollably at 1 am.  I turn to Brandon and asked if he needed to go outside to do his business.  Brandon mummbled something like "he's fine" and rolled over.  Well the barking didn't stop and instead of him of letting that business be done all over the carpet, I decided to take him out.  So we run outside and I watched the heat lighting as Hunter takes care of said business. 
We go back upstairs and the whinning and barking continue.  Then I hear it... the bang and crack of a thunderstorm.  Lucky for us, Hunter is deathly terrified of storms.  So the whinning and barking get louder.
Being the amazing fiance that I am, I took Hunter into the other room since Brandon had a work training early in the morning and I knew he would need sleep to function.  First Hunterman and I tried the pitch black media room area (it's unfinished and there are beds in there for now).  Well that was just pitch black and I may or may not be a tad afraid of the dark.  Next we tried downstairs with the TV on to drown out the storm, but god love him, those dog ears could still hear it all which just made him run around like a crazy man.  So back upstairs to conquer my fear of the dark with a dog crying through the whole night.
Long story short, I got no sleep and had a revelation somewhere around the 5 am point of the puppy sob fest that I am totally okay with waiting  few years to have little crying babies around!  
In case you were wondering, Brandon woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed! 
Here are some weekend pictures when I tried to pretend like I knew how to use my camera while Brandon was doing some work around the farm.
this is where I tried to get artsy with my engagement ring
Hope your weekend involved less crying!

Friday, May 17, 2013

What do you do with your hands?!

Does anyone else struggle with the age old question, what do you do with your hands when taking an outfit picture?! 
My apparent answer to this is 'touch your sunglasses'

top: target
braclets: target
bag: tj max
sunglasses: from my sister

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I think I am

{day 11}
today's challenge topic, "sell yourself in ten words". 
(Can this be the new resume template?!)
I think I am ...
Trainable {i am pretty sure this one makes me sound like a dog}
Now I am pretty sure some of these words are synonyms, but I think today's topic was actually kind of nice.  Sometimes you think of all the ways you can work to make yourself the best you can be, but it is always good for the soul to step back and consider all the good qualities you already possess.
Loved reading you other girl's lists!!  Loving this May Challenge, link-up with Jenni and jump on the band wagon!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My morning

{day nine}

how my morning's look: calendar check, e-mail check and coffee, check!

link-up with Jenni @ Story of My Life for her May Challenge

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Words of wisdom

{day eight}
may challenge topic of the day - "a pieve of advice you have for other"
I think nothing says it better than the quote above!
link-up with Jenni @ Story of My Life and share your words of wisdom

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Most afraid

{day seven}

Jenni is really throwing out some good get to know you questions (like really know you!)  So today the topic is ‘the thing you are most afraid of’

Now that is a hard one to answer, because, well, I am kind of wimp and an afraid of a bunch things (this will make moving out into the middle of the country where it’s dark and full of animals and bugs a real adventure).  But the topic is ‘most afraid of’ so I guess I would have to say wasting my life.
Now I have accomplished some pretty cool things in my life and met the man of my dreams who I can’t wait to start a family with.  But I am talking about the big picture of life.  The 'leave a significant mark on this world' kind of life. 

I know not everyone can be the most amazing person, but man, I sure do want to try.  I mean there are so many people around us who have left this world, that I feel I am lucky to get the chance to still be here and should make it worth it.  After the Virginia Tech shootings the mantra that the school put out was “Life for 32”.  I took that to heart, we should live a life that is worthwhile and make up for those 32 people who left this world too soon. 

I see inspiration from my aunt who passed away a few years back of breast cancer before her 50th birthday.  She left behind a husband who loves her more than words, two young daughters and such a positive impact on the people around her that I haven’t seen since.  She was so wonderful and I hope that one day I can even come close to being anything like her in the hearts of those around me. 

   Link-up with Jenni @ Story of My Life and share your fears!

{definitely should start spicing these things up with a picture or two…}

Monday, May 6, 2013

What do I do?!

{day six}
"if you could not answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?"
I find this a pretty daunting question, even if I could answer with my job!  I think this point in my life I am working hard at trying to answer this very question {a quarter-life crisis, if you will}.
So if I was forced to answer this question (at say a job interview... blah, hate those kinds of interviews!) my answer would be 'i learn'.  I love to try new hobbies, jobs, and career paths.  I like to think I am testing the waters to see what it is I am great at and can make an impact in this world doing.  I have been known to go out and take a course, get a certification and get involved in new things that peek my interest. I also am learning about myself and the kind of person I want to be, about the kind of wife I can't wait to be for my husband, about the kind of mother I will be one day (not any day soon though).  I am also learning how to narrow that focus so that I can be the best person I can be at all the things I put myself into!
how would you answer the interview question... 'what do you do'?  link-up with Jenni @ Story of My Life and share!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"We are better than we think.."

{day 4}
today's topic...favorite quote and why I love it
"We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be."
this quote is part of a speech given in 2007 at Virginia Tech's graduation.  It was a bittersweet ceremony.  The graduating class had worked hard to be there, and I was proud of my friend's in their caps and gown, but we all could feel the difference in the air.  This was not like the graduation in years past, there were friends and classmates who would be receiving post hummus diplomas, and professors being honored, after their lives were cut short after the tragic shooting on April 16th.
Though that quote always brings back memories of those days in Blacksburg, it has always stuck with me.  I feel that it not only applies to that moment in my life, but my life now, and my future.  I feel we all look at the things we can improve and not at the great things we have accomplished.  But we should also always look to the future, and what mark we have left to leave on this world.
Head on over to Jenni's home @ Story of my Life and share your favorite quote.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make me go "buhhh"

{day three}

So two days in and I am already behind... oops!  But I wasn't just sitting around watching Law and Orders (surprisingly).  I can now officially say my brother Mark is a homeowner ladies!! And as his real estate agent, this is pretty awesome news!  It was smooth sailing for most of his process until the epic storm (aka - crappy mortgage company) hit.  After countless hours these past two weeks with the bank, we had it all straightened out yesterday and he has the keys!  Yayy
Then last night, before Brandon made margaritas to celebrate, we met with the builder about our own house!  I am beyond anxious to build and can't wait till that first shovel hits the dirt!

But now that the chaos is over, it's back to the challenge!!

Today's topic: things that make you uncomfortable.

I knew this answer immediately  - bathrooms

I hate bathrooms, public restrooms and at people's homes, even my own.  I don't know where this began, but I can not go to the bathroom if I think someone can hear me or knows that I am in the bathroom.
I initially freak out that I am going to pee to loud, so much so, I can't go.  Then I freak out that I have been in the bathroom too long (I mean, what do they think I am doing in there?)  It just gives me anxiety... silly I know!

I dated a guy in college, whose roommate would jokingly knock on the bathroom door and say "I know what you are doing in there".  Thankfully my best friends lived in the apartment next door (convenient, right?) so I would just go over and use theirs.  Obviously girls are more understanding than boys!  We dated for a year, and I rarely used the bathroom in his apartment. 

Probably just shared to much information, but hey, this challenege is about getting to know each other, right?!

Now link-up with Jenni at Story of My Life for the May Challenge and share some TMI too!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

About me {in 250 words}

{day one}

Sum up yourself in 250 words... I have to admit at first when i started to type I didn't think I could fill the 250 number count.  But then I started to think of all the things about myself that I wanted to share.  I have to admit I am a crazy extrovert (most of the time... usually with a drink in my hand) and love to meet new people and learn all about their life story and share all about my own.  I have always found it difficult, though, when school assignments or jobs have asked me to 'write about myself'.  But here in blog world, it didn't feel like an assignment and I wanted to type for days. (it still has the tone of a school assignment, I guess I am not flowery with my words)
Here are my 250 words (exactly) about myself.
{I included pictures, which are worth a thousand words, so I am pretty sure that means I cheated}

I am a twenty-six year old named Emily.  I am from a big, close family, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I have an older sister, and three brothers, two older, one younger.  I am a Navy brat that was lucky enough to get to grew up in Virginia Beach (no big military moves for me!).  

I went to college at Virginia Tech, and it was the only place I wanted to go to school.  I majored in Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise.  Spending most of my college years studying Nutrition, I switched concentrations the end of my junior year to Exercise and Health Promotion, and graduated in 2008.
I loved my time in college.  I was a member of the sorority Alpha Gamma Delta where I made some amazing memories and loving friendships.  I worked with the Intramural Sports program as a supervisor and that was hands down my favorite job of all time.  I don’t know if it was the great atmosphere or getting to work every day with my best friends.

My senior year of college, I took at internship at the recreation center a town over and that is where I met my future husband.  We have been together for 5 years and will be getting married in September! 

Last September, my sister and I put our love of styling and online shopping together and created Simply Style Boutique {check it out} It’s been an amazing adventure and there’s so much more to learn!

Now link-up with Jenni over at Story of my Life and sum up the story of your life in 250 words for day on eof the May Challenege!

Here are a few more random photos of the people that make my life great!