Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Most afraid

{day seven}

Jenni is really throwing out some good get to know you questions (like really know you!)  So today the topic is ‘the thing you are most afraid of’

Now that is a hard one to answer, because, well, I am kind of wimp and an afraid of a bunch things (this will make moving out into the middle of the country where it’s dark and full of animals and bugs a real adventure).  But the topic is ‘most afraid of’ so I guess I would have to say wasting my life.
Now I have accomplished some pretty cool things in my life and met the man of my dreams who I can’t wait to start a family with.  But I am talking about the big picture of life.  The 'leave a significant mark on this world' kind of life. 

I know not everyone can be the most amazing person, but man, I sure do want to try.  I mean there are so many people around us who have left this world, that I feel I am lucky to get the chance to still be here and should make it worth it.  After the Virginia Tech shootings the mantra that the school put out was “Life for 32”.  I took that to heart, we should live a life that is worthwhile and make up for those 32 people who left this world too soon. 

I see inspiration from my aunt who passed away a few years back of breast cancer before her 50th birthday.  She left behind a husband who loves her more than words, two young daughters and such a positive impact on the people around her that I haven’t seen since.  She was so wonderful and I hope that one day I can even come close to being anything like her in the hearts of those around me. 

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