Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make me go "buhhh"

{day three}

So two days in and I am already behind... oops!  But I wasn't just sitting around watching Law and Orders (surprisingly).  I can now officially say my brother Mark is a homeowner ladies!! And as his real estate agent, this is pretty awesome news!  It was smooth sailing for most of his process until the epic storm (aka - crappy mortgage company) hit.  After countless hours these past two weeks with the bank, we had it all straightened out yesterday and he has the keys!  Yayy
Then last night, before Brandon made margaritas to celebrate, we met with the builder about our own house!  I am beyond anxious to build and can't wait till that first shovel hits the dirt!

But now that the chaos is over, it's back to the challenge!!

Today's topic: things that make you uncomfortable.

I knew this answer immediately  - bathrooms

I hate bathrooms, public restrooms and at people's homes, even my own.  I don't know where this began, but I can not go to the bathroom if I think someone can hear me or knows that I am in the bathroom.
I initially freak out that I am going to pee to loud, so much so, I can't go.  Then I freak out that I have been in the bathroom too long (I mean, what do they think I am doing in there?)  It just gives me anxiety... silly I know!

I dated a guy in college, whose roommate would jokingly knock on the bathroom door and say "I know what you are doing in there".  Thankfully my best friends lived in the apartment next door (convenient, right?) so I would just go over and use theirs.  Obviously girls are more understanding than boys!  We dated for a year, and I rarely used the bathroom in his apartment. 

Probably just shared to much information, but hey, this challenege is about getting to know each other, right?!

Now link-up with Jenni at Story of My Life for the May Challenge and share some TMI too!!

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