Friday, May 24, 2013

High Five for Friday!

We made it to the weekend!!! {a little wore out and water logged, but we made it!}
Now as we start our countdown to 5 o'clock, let's recap the best parts of the week with Lauren from @ Lauren Elizabeth with High Five for Friday!
First a 'Happy Birthday' shout out to my big brother Michael! 

this has always been my favorite picture of the two of us... oh Mr. Potato Head!

See you later tonight for birthday drinks buddy!
a happy Birth-day to our new little puppies!!
We have hunting beagles and Lily had her first liter of puppies on Sunday.  They are quite possibly the cutest things ever!!  How can you not want to snuggle those little babies!
(Hunting season can't come fast enough for Brandon.  Looks like I will get to hang out with these little ones when the big kids go off to play in the fall!)
Speaking of babies, we got to spend our Monday snuggling this little one! 
Brandon with his niece, Tenleigh
I can't believe she will be two months old on the 2nd!
Our honeymoon is BOOKED!!! Eekkk!!

I want to hop on a plan now!!! Can't wait till September to spend my days in Punta Cana with the new hubs!!
A 3-day weekend!!! 
My memorial day weekend consists of bike rides, bar crawls, beach and pool time!! Ahh perfection!!
(there is no picture to go with this one... and whatever you do, don't google "3-day weekend images", especially at work.  it may or may not be the title of a naughty movie.  this was discovered the hard way}
What have been the best parts of your week?  What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. The view in that last pic is simply breathtaking. Seriously, it makes me want to hop on a plane too and go on a loooong vacation. I seriously need it!!

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