Monday, May 20, 2013

Why dogs are like newborns

I learned this weekend that I am, in no way, ready for a baby! 
{Brandon is letting out a sigh of relief}
Late Friday night , after a great eveing of playing in the country and a little bit of movie watching (Jack Reacher = must see!), we headed to bed at Brandon's.  Hunter (the dog) has found a need to squeeze himself in between us at night, no matter how uncomfortable he, or anyone else, may be! 
Well good old bed hog himself starts crying and barking uncontrollably at 1 am.  I turn to Brandon and asked if he needed to go outside to do his business.  Brandon mummbled something like "he's fine" and rolled over.  Well the barking didn't stop and instead of him of letting that business be done all over the carpet, I decided to take him out.  So we run outside and I watched the heat lighting as Hunter takes care of said business. 
We go back upstairs and the whinning and barking continue.  Then I hear it... the bang and crack of a thunderstorm.  Lucky for us, Hunter is deathly terrified of storms.  So the whinning and barking get louder.
Being the amazing fiance that I am, I took Hunter into the other room since Brandon had a work training early in the morning and I knew he would need sleep to function.  First Hunterman and I tried the pitch black media room area (it's unfinished and there are beds in there for now).  Well that was just pitch black and I may or may not be a tad afraid of the dark.  Next we tried downstairs with the TV on to drown out the storm, but god love him, those dog ears could still hear it all which just made him run around like a crazy man.  So back upstairs to conquer my fear of the dark with a dog crying through the whole night.
Long story short, I got no sleep and had a revelation somewhere around the 5 am point of the puppy sob fest that I am totally okay with waiting  few years to have little crying babies around!  
In case you were wondering, Brandon woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed! 
Here are some weekend pictures when I tried to pretend like I knew how to use my camera while Brandon was doing some work around the farm.
this is where I tried to get artsy with my engagement ring
Hope your weekend involved less crying!

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  1. Emily,

    Your blog is so darling and your pictures are beautiful. Your dog sounds almost as dramatic as mine :) definitley agree with you on the whole waiting for babies thing!

    Karissa @