Saturday, May 4, 2013

"We are better than we think.."

{day 4}
today's topic...favorite quote and why I love it
"We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be."
this quote is part of a speech given in 2007 at Virginia Tech's graduation.  It was a bittersweet ceremony.  The graduating class had worked hard to be there, and I was proud of my friend's in their caps and gown, but we all could feel the difference in the air.  This was not like the graduation in years past, there were friends and classmates who would be receiving post hummus diplomas, and professors being honored, after their lives were cut short after the tragic shooting on April 16th.
Though that quote always brings back memories of those days in Blacksburg, it has always stuck with me.  I feel that it not only applies to that moment in my life, but my life now, and my future.  I feel we all look at the things we can improve and not at the great things we have accomplished.  But we should also always look to the future, and what mark we have left to leave on this world.
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