Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Scrawny Girl's Review of the 21 Day Fix

 We did it!  Brandon and I finished 21 days following the workout and healthy eating plan 21 Day Fix,  created by Autumn Cablarese. 

I started this plan, and dragged Brandon along with me, after realizing I wasn’t eating as great as I should and I didn’t seem to have the energy I needed to get through the day.  I have a degree in Exercise and Health Promotion and am a certified personal trainer but couldn’t seem to create (and stick) with a plan that was working for me.  

I knew it would be crucial to get Brandon on board with the plan because we make dinner and snacks together, so it was going to be a group effort.  He was in as soon as I brought up the plan, so it was a go!
I contacted my sweet friend Denise who has become a Beachbody Coach to get us set-up.  We did a little research on meal ideas and best practices from other 21 day fixers.  We did a big shopping trip to prep our kitchen for healthy meals and waited for our kit to arrive.

The package includes a book with easy to follow instructions on making the most of the 21 days, containers to measure out your food with, and work out DVDs.

We jumped in on a Thursday and got started! 

I was not in this plan for any weight loss, but needed to eat healthier and get in shape.  Brandon was more interested in eating healthier and learning some ideas to keep him eating healthy at the fire house.  He already works out daily but was interested in some new exercise ideas.

Now, our thoughts…

We loved it!  The workouts were tough but do-able.  I made it a priority to get up a bit earlier and get my 30 minute workouts in before starting my day.  They are some of the best workout dvds I have followed and loved the exercises included.  Each day of the week was different which kept it interesting.  I was mostly interested in starting a new plan for workouts to help me tone and gain strength and these did not disappoint.

The eating plan was easy to follow but did require some preparation.  My background in nutrition was a big help when we were away from the house but the information included with the package is well explained and easy to follow.  Each night we would plan out our meals for the next day which made the day go smoother, and I found the meal prepping to be a huge help on busy days at work where I normally would either eat junk, or not at all!  Having a packed lunch bag prepared for the day with good (and good-for-me) food made meal time stress free.

I made little notecards with our eating plans (the container “system”) to keep track on our meals and snacks for the day.  They made planning easier and I could send with Brandon to the fire house so he had a quick reference.
I went away to the Outer Banks with family while on the plan, but found it was easy to stay on track.  I woke up early to get my workouts in before plans for the day were made, I packed healthy snacks for the beach, and measured out my portions at dinner.  Other than drooling over the double stuffed oreos that were getting passed around during game night, I was able to make it through without cheating on our plan!

We say it was a success!  Brandon lost 16 pounds and is feeling great!  I have definitely toned up and the increased energy and strength leaves us both loving the 21 Day Fix! 

Have any questions on how we made it work for us?  Let me know!  (But we aren’t beachbody “coaches”, so if you are interested in signing up head to the website to get strated)

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