Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekend Wear - Summer Dress

The best piece in a summer wardrobe is the simple summer dress.  The piece you can wear to all occasions, from lawn parties to dinner dates.  That can be squished in your carry-on for a quick weekend away.  And that leaves you feeling your best when you wear it.

This coral dress fits the bill.  It can so easily be dressed up or down and can change looks with a different belt or statement piece.  It even looks great with flats or wedges (and I am obsessed with these wedges, so this look is often on repeat!)

Dress: the Loft | Wedges: Target

This will be my go to for a weekend birthday party for my brother.  A pool side cook out is what the birthday boy has requested, and I am definitely looking forward to some family time in the sun!

What is your best summer wardrobe piece?


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    1. You are too sweet, thank you! Definitely my go to summer color!