Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life Lately!

One day you are planning out what you want to do for the summer and you blink and you are mid-way through July!!  So here I am for a little “Life Lately” catch-up!
Throwing it back to May, I gave my hair another chop and am still loving that I did.  This shorter look has been just what I needed for summer! 

A girl’s trip was planned for Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania with two of my college favorites!  Heather and her husband had just bought the perfect home on the river and were the greatest host for a perfect weekend!
Their backyard was to die for, the little town they live in was picturesque, and we could booze-cruise canoe right up to the steps to their home.  Heaven!
Brandon worked on Father’s Day, so we hosted our families at our house for a cook out the day before!  I love hosting and hanging out with our favorite little ones.
On Father’s Day I headed to my parent’s to enjoy the day with my dad poolside.  
We finally got down to the Outer Banks to get some much needed sun, sand and family time!  We spent time on the beach, enjoyed in-home happy hours, paddle boarded (on the windiest of days), took a drive through the infamous “Brew Thru”, climbed to the tippy-top of the Corolla Light House and ended a great weekend with a shopping trip to the outlets.
Brandon and I have been exploring our little town more and more and checked the Farmer’s Auction off our list.  The colors and smells were amazing and we walked away with delicious cantaloupe and a boat load of fresh blackberries. 
We had an amazing July 4th event and the look in the little kids eyes as the fireworks hit the sky made my heart burst and reminded me ten-fold why I love my job!

This past weekend I got to play hostess when my best friend, Holly, came from DC for a visit to see the new house!  We spent time at the new pool we joined, watched a storm roll in on the back porch and chatted and laughed the night away on the couch in our yoga pants (I mean, is there any better way to spend a night with your bff?!)

And lastly, Brandon and I decided to try out the 21 Day Fix program (well I decided and Brandon agreed).  I had been feeling a bit sluggish lately and needed a kick of motivation.  I received a degree in Exercise and Health Promotion at college, am a certified personal trainer and work in the recreation field, but sadly I haven’t been able to get myself on a plan and stick to it.  So I did a little research and figured this would be a great way for Brandon and I to get our buns ready for the next beach trip!  We are only a week in but and we have a fridge full of fresh fruit and veggies, sore muscles, and a positive attitude… but we’ll give a full review when we get through!

We are looking forward to some fun adventures this summer and can’t wait to share more!!

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