Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - The Sentimental Stuff

My love for pinterest is pretty intense.  I mean, so many amazing ideas all in one place.  When I was wedding planning I knew I wanted to incorporate meaningful pieces into our big day,  I wanted to remember those I wished could be with us.  People had posted to pinterest so many sweet and suttle ways to do just that. 
Here are my favorite parts that I incorporated with my wedding attire.
My Nanie (my mother's mother) lent me her gold chain bracelet and rose bud earrings to wear at my wedding.  My sister was also sweet enough to lend me the bracelet that our grandmother (my father's mother) had left her before she passed away.   These were my something borrowed.
{I did, however, trade out Nanie's earrings for the perfect diamond earrings that Brandon surprised me with while I was getting dresses, delivered by my bridesmaid}
Nanie's wedding dress was in no shape to keep, so year's ago my mom had cut up the material to save the good pieces.  I used a piece of that dress to add Brandon and I's initials, along with our wedding date, to the lining layer of my dress.  We added on the cross my grandparent's had given me at my baptism.  My something old - the dress material, something new - our new monogram, and something blue - the stitching.
On my bouquet (which weighed a thousand pounds! - flowers are heavy) I had lace from nanie's veil wrapped around the stems along with 3 charms.  The names on the charms are for my sister and brothers who passed away as infants.  Molly is the oldest and Patrick and Timothy are younger than me.  They passed away from a rare genetic syndrome known as Zellweger Syndrome.  They were each only with us for a year or less, but still have such a large part of my heart and I couldn't imagine not including them in some way. 
This was my favorite piece and I was so excited how perfect these sweet simple charms turned out.
What sentimental pieces did you have (or would love to include) in your wedding?  Did you have a something old, new, borrowed, and blue?!


  1. I love all of your little touches. And your parents have a lot of kids.

  2. These are all so precious! Love it!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls