Monday, January 6, 2014

Watch out Martha Stewart

I finally mustered the courage up to attempt a sewing pattern to kick off my 52 patterns in 52 weeks.  It seemed so silly to keep putting off, but I was terrified it would be a disaster (and there was a Friends marathon on TBS, it’s hard to not watch).
So I pulled out my printed directions for my coffee sleeve (probably the simplest project ever) and got to work!

between the two pieces of fabric I used a thin piece of felt as an insulator.

It surprisingly was not a complete mess, and works! 

More practice is definitely needed to get one that looks just right, but I am pretty impressed with myself and my little cup sleeve!
2014 is looking like the year where I actually get to dominate these New Year’s resolutions, so bring it! J
{though I do believe I may be getting a bit cocky, because while shopping for duvet covers I have decided I’ll just make my own…. we shall see how that ends up (probably with me standing in line at Macy’s buying one!).


  1. Your coffee sleeve is so cute! I would never have thought you could sew our own. I got a new sewing machine not to long ago and need some ideas so I will be watching what you make every week!

    1. It was a super simple pattern to follow with lots of pictures (which are always my favorite kind). Here is the link -

  2. This is a great DIY project! Turned out very cute! xoxo, Lindsay