Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Because yesterday's post didn't publish :(

I would first like to say that I truly believe that all weekends should be three days long!  A 7:30 wake-up call from the dog was much nicer than the 6:00 am alarm clock this Monday morning.
And after a day of closet organizing (which by the looks of it, didn't happen) and showing off the new house to my parents, I am ready to get back in to work week mode... but first, a weekend recap.
Friday night I worked the local Peanut Festival manning our booth to show off all the new upcoming events in the City.  It was a night of some quality people watching time and fair food.  I tried a fried oreo for the first time, which I would describe as a sweet hush puppy.  A bit disappointed and think I'll stick to my milk-dunked oreos for now.

massive amounts of dough... little bit of oreo
Saturday I was up before the sun to get ready for the yard sale at my sister-in-laws parents house. I stopped at my new favorite little roadside pumpkin stand to pick up my nephews a few little pumpkins to take to my sisters.  This little country spot just screams "fall" and I love it!

At the yard sale we were able to get rid of some old kitchen supplies from our house in Christiansburg.  Haggling over the price of old pots and pans is not my idea of an enjoyable morning, but I did love catching up with my sister-in-law and her family.
And with a few dollars in my pocket I headed out shopping with my sister.  We had some décor success at Marshalls and I can't wait to hang our new curtains up.
The rest of the evening was spent watching the new Transformers and enjoying a delicious home cooked meal (aka - frozen pizza) with Brandon.
On Sunday I had some big plans for house decorating and organizing and only ended up cleaning up our dvr list (I am now addicted to Forever and How to Get Away with Murder).  But some cleaning was done and our week has started off on the right foot.
Happy Monday ladies!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend and I totally agree - three day weekends should be mandatory!!! I love being able to get rid of some old stuff and walk away with some cash!! Hope you have a great day!