Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall to-dos

As the temperatures begin to drop (or hover in the low 70’s… who are you in Virginia) I have been making a list of the fall time activities we want to do before the holiday season.

1.       Go apple-picking: I have been researching local orchards and am loving the idea.

2.       Bake a homemade home apple-pie: I have the black thumb of cooking so this may be an all-out fail, but at least I will be able to say we tried. (any recipes are appreciated!!)

3.       Have a bonfire: some perks of living in the country is you can shot guns in the side yard and have a nice bonfire out back.

Last years little fire, this year we want bigger and better (and smores included!)
4.       Find the perfect crock-pot chili recipe

5.       Visit the local farmers market: most here close up shop in mid-November so we still have a few weekends to enjoy the local treats.

6.       Take a family photo shoot: I see a Christmas card in our future.

maybe a repeat of this 2012 pose...
       7.       Paint a pumpkin: Because carving the thing is such a mess…

  What are your favorite fall time traditions and what is on your must-to list?

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  1. Having fires and anything pumpkin! We got a fire pit last year for Christmas, and we haven't even used it yet!! I think its calling our name! This weather is perfect!!