Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Sandwich Board

On Friday I talked about the sandwich board I recently made for my friend’s wedding and I wanted to share this easy DIY.
First, the shopping list:
2 2’x4’ sheets of particle board ¾” thick
2 hinges (I like the triangle shaped kind)
12 wood screws ½”
2 pieces of thin chain (you can either buy in bulk and cut to the length, or have the store attendants cut it for you)
2 cans White Primer
2 cans Chalkboard Paint
{I found all the supplies at the local lowes store}
After laying down a surface covering for painting, paint one side of both pieces of particle board with primer.  Let dry per directions on the can.  Add a layer of chalkboard paint, let dry and add a second coat of chalkboard paint.
After the paint has dried, lay the boards down paint side facing down, butting them up short end to short end.  Measure and align the hinges on the board and screw in.  (I went in approximately 5” from the end on each side.) 
Stand up the now hinged board and check for evenness. 
Next you will attach the chain to keep the board from opening to wide.  Find the best angle you want the sign to sit at.  Note where the chain will have to be attached. 
Measure each side down the exact amount and mark it.  Screw the chain into each side.
Stand up your new fancy A-frame and applaud your amazingness!
(I took a large piece of chalk and ran it across the paint sides, per the paint can instructions, and wiped it off before I wrote on it.)
I am now obsessed with this DIY and am trying to find any reason to make more!!

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