Monday, November 25, 2013

Life as of late...

Fall, the greatest season of them all... and the busiest! (or so it seems some days!)
What have I been up to, oh just...
  • Celebrating my birthday with my amazing big-sister!  Girl's day at the ocean front followed by meeting up with one of our brothers and his wife for late night beers and pizza

  • Celebrating again the next morning with all the brothers, my parents, nephews, and husband (he works all the good days!) 
  • Chopping my hair off!  It was a series of bad hair days that lead to this bold decision!  Besides the one mini-freak out where I was convinced I had given myself a "mom" hair cut, I am loving this new length!

  • Visiting my girl friends from college in Alexandria, Virginia for Girl's Weekend!  (Which now includes husbands and boyfriends)

  • Inventory for Simply Style Boutique!  Working on a fresh new look for Simply Style, what is your favorite part of our little shop?  Check us out -

  • Hustling at the 9 to 5'r!  I am a Special Events Coordinator and the fall andholiday season is my time to shine!! I mean what could be better than planning Santa Claus big debut!!

Now on to Thanksgiving week, which by far is the greatest holiday of all!! I am also doing my best to follow my strict no Christmas music before Thanksgiving (which was slightly spoiled at work) but you better believe I have Neil Diamond's Christmas CD in the car and ready to rock on Black Friday!

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