Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Esss Okay

My favorite part about Law and Order is you can turn on any episode and not be completely lost.  While the show does carry a small backstory for each character, it is not so important that an episode revolves around it.  Not many shows are similar.  

Like the bachelor... I turned on this season for the first time last night (after talking to a girlfriend about it over the weekend) and apparently it was the finale.  I had to text Denise to see who we were rooting for and decided I would see what all the bloggers have been talking about.  I then got a spark notes catch-up on what was going on and read some celebrity gossip to get the juicy details.

And all I could think while watching was "Oh, honeyyy, bless your heart".  I just wanted to give those poor girls a hug.
While Juan Pablo (two first names... not a good sign) has his good parts, mainly his abs, everything else screams "total creeper".

**Spoiler Alert**
As I watched the finale I could agree that you never want to rush the "I love you" but how awkward to confess your undying love to someone on national television and have them say "I really like you" (in a very unsexy accent).  Hmmmm... not that it can't work, but that blonde bombshell looks like she is grasping for so much more!!

So I have to wonder how other people who have watched more than one episode feel about it?  Should she grasp for those straws?  Should she be the next bachelorette?!  Should we stick to marathons of Law and Order on USA network?!  


  1. I don't watch it, but, based on Twitter, the woman everyone wants to be the next Bachelorette was voted off last week. Apparently, she's a lawyer.

  2. I'm really happy with who they chose as the next bachelorette! I watched half heartedly throughout the season and I have to say Nikki - the girl that "won" if you can even say that - will not be with him for long!! He apparently acted the way he did last night because he was mad at ABC for passing on him for Dancing With the Stars!! He's a child!!

  3. I don't watch the bachelor, but got into it this season since this dude is just ridiculous!

  4. Ugh as a devoted watcher of this seasons Bachelor I must say that I am happy it is over! Juan Pablo was the worst Bachelor ever, it seems like he was just there for publicity. And as for Nikki grasping at straws I think you hit the nail on the head! Be happy you didn't watch any more of the season.