Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finding the Fit

As I stand in my closet and say the 5 word sentence that every girl knows too well, I feel they are so true… I have nothing to wear!
I may be acting a bit overdramatic, but I feel this new closet of ours needs some new fresh outfits!  And while I could spend hours drooling over pinterest pairings, I feel it is better to keep it sensible and revamp the wardrobe where the revamping is needed most, work clothes.  And first up in the work clothes line-up are pants!
How fun, I know, but I treated myself to a few nice pair of work slacks when I got my first big girl job and those trusty trousers are starting to deteriorate.  They are the greatest fit of pants, and of course they no longer make them, so it is time to hit the racks and add a few new dress pants to the work day wear. 
Que the internet search finds –
 (is the subtle obsession with ankle pants obvious?!)
The last dreaded part is to hit the shops and see the actual fit of these bad boys to see if they make the cut.  Fingers crossed for success.
Anyone have any recommendations on a great pair of dress pants?  Any trusty fits fill your closet?

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