Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

The intern at work laughed when I didn’t know how tinder worked (and that I first called it “kinder”) and then my brother invited me out to a bar to hear his friend play at 9, and my first response was PM?!  Let’s just say this last week had me feeling a bit old…
So I decided to toss aside the old lady sweater and be fun this weekend. 

Saturday after rearranging our garage to fit some extra freezers Brandon’s uncle gave us I headed to Virginia Beach.  My sister, youngest brother and I went to the oceanfront Abbey Road to hear Ben’s college roommate play.  Jackson is a great live performer and it was a great night out!

Sunday was spent cleaning up the house and having my parents over.  We tried out a restaurant in town that Brandon and I have been wanting to go to.  We had planned our Friday night date night there but it turns out this little mom and pop diner closes at 8, so maybe this is the perfect little town for my old self! 

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