Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bunny Masks for Little Ones

As a special events coordinator I spend my days coming up with fun, family-friendly activities in the local parks.  Arts and crafts are always a big hit with the younger ones, but the crafts we can have the kiddos do in the park sometimes leave me feeling stumped.  I want the crafts to be fun, but glue, paint and anything that requires “dry-time” becomes my arch nemesis.

Below is an adorable little craft I stumbled upon for the little ones to enjoy and just in time for Easter.

It looks cuter on the little ones
What you will need: 

Links to supplies: popsicle sticks | pom-poms | pipe cleaners
{the popsicle sticks with the sticky ends eliminate the need for glue}

Step One: Remove sticky paper from stick
Step two: Pop on the pom-pom
Step three: Twist the pipe cleaner around the stick for whiskers
Step four: Ta-da, all done!

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