Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We grew by 12 little feet

No sextuplets over here... but we do have 3 tiny little additions!
I mentioned a couple weeks back that these pretty little girls were born on the 19th of May.  They were born to one of our beagles, Lily.
Brandon is what you call "hunting obsessed" and lives for hunting season.  A couple years back when we were living in Christiansburg, we got 2 hunting beagles to go run with him during rabbit season.  Teqi and Mack were happy little campers and we later we added Lily and Bell.  Teqi and Mack have had 2 liters of puppies of their own and now Lily is a new mom too (her baby's daddy is a friend's beagle).  So that adds to a total of 11 beagles!
They are the sweetest dogs and live on the farm where we are building our home.
The puppies are still adorably tiny and have just started to open their eyes.  This weekend I finally got to hold them!!!  I can't wait till they start to run, it is quite possibly the most adorable thing ever to watch puppies trip over their pawns.
spoiler alert... be prepared for cuteness overload


Oddly enough, the other beagles would not cooperate for a group photo, so I'll have to keep working on that one!

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