Thursday, June 13, 2013

I've Come to Realize...

I laughed so hard when I was reading Holly's post last week "Things I've Come to Realize" and when she mentioned a link-up, I knew I was on board!
So here we go

I have come to realize... that on a bad day, your paycheck will never seem worth it
I have come to realize... that you should cherish every moment of college when your friends live one building over, the real world stinks when your wine night buddies are hundreds of miles away
I have come to realize... I should have taken a finance class in college
I have come to realize... college was a lot longer ago than I think (yea, I still think 2008 was last year)
I have come to realize... checking the clothing label for machine-washable is very important before purchase
I have come to realize... that backing up your computer is very important
I have come to realize... that quiet nights in on the couch can be a million times better than a night at the club
I have come to realize... sunshine and a beach are vital for existence
I have come to realize... I would rather eat chips and dip for dinner for the rest of my life than take time to cook
I have come to realize... DIY projects are a thousand times harder than the cute, skinny chic with great hair makes it appear
I have come to realize... that I will never be a good dancer (at least in other people's opinion, I personally think I am AMAZING)
Oh my gosh, I could go on forever!! 
Thanks Holly for a great link-up!!
Hope on over to Hey, Hollywood and share your realizations


  1. I'm popping in from the link up. You are totally right about cherishing college. Best days ever!

  2. I also graduated college in 2008! It is getting soooo far away! Yikes! And on a bad day, it really doesn't matter what that paycheck says. It's never enough, haha! Stopping by from the link up!


  3. haha Im sure you are an amazing dancer!! woohoooo Im the same way girlfriend, watch out! haha. I need finance classes now, and I always get myself knee deep in DIYs then need help from my dad or something. lol
    new follower!

  4. hahahah I would so eat chips and dip for dinner too!! darn husband who reminds me that its not healthy!! I miss my friends being close by too!! that's one thing that sucks about the real world, your friends move away :)

  5. I'm not going to lie. I only started reading clothing lables about 6 months ago.... And concidently it's because I started buying better quality clothing. When it was all Forever 21, I didn't care... Now that I need to dress my actual age, it's a little more important for my clothes to NOT shrink...............

  6. I still think 2006 seems like just last year. I had a blast in college and I miss having my friend across the hall. I LOVE a quiet night on the couch, it is good for the soul. I just got back from vacation and completely agree, sunshine and a beach are vital for life :) I too am not a cook, so I am all for the chips and dip dinner! Thank you so much for linking up with me! So glad I found your blog!