Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Letters (mostly to crazy people)

I would like to make some small public annoucements after the craziness this week has been.  What better way than linking up for this week Friday's Letters!


Dear Lady in the toilet stall at the gym: Why do you choose the gym bathroom stall as the best place to check your facebook page, this seems like a pretty unsanitary choice.  Also, it makes the other people in the locker room feel awkward.  (and I know you are checking facebook because you are having a loud conversation with your BFF outside the stall about it, and when she left, you giggled very loudly!) 
signed, Uncomfortable {input 'awkward turtle' hand gesture}
Dear gentleman signing your kids up for summer camp: I am not sure that you understand how the name legacy thing works.  You can name your son 'John Smith Jr', but your next child born doesn't get the title 'John Smith the 3rd', that would be Jr's son's name.  And while I know it is legal, it seems silly to name two of your children 'John Smith' Jr, (but yes, I do understand they were from two different baby mamas).
signed, the lady who is going start a petition to have laws for naming your children
Dear Credit Score: I do not understand how you work.  Why do you go down when they check on you for our home/construction loan?  This doesn't seem fair :(
signed, the lady who use to have really awesome credit (and doesn't understand loans)
Dear Storm: You really had everybody up freaked out Thursday.  Thanks for letting me get home before you let it rain, that was quite nice of you.  And I must say, you ended with a pretty impressive show.
signed, big fan of sunsets

Dear Criminal Minds: You are an amazing show.  Thank you for being on ALL THE TIME.  You are definitely giving Law and Order a run for there money.   You are my new workout buddy on the treadmill and this makes me happy!
signed, Crime-drama addict
Dear Brandon: Thank you for spending the entire weekend with my incredibly loud, gigantic and outrageous family.  I think we are pretty awesome, but I know we can be a bit much (my grandmother usually turns of her hearing aid when we are all around because of the ringing).  I love you so much and can't wait till we start our own outrageous family!
Love, your soon-to-be wifey (and thanks for letting me use the term "wifey")


  1. I love love love Criminal minds too!! Obsessed!! and beautiful pictures of the sunset!! and ew to the lady in the gym bathroom...was she like on the toilet? gross!!