Thursday, June 6, 2013

I think matching is so uncool

Last Sunday, my friend Jen and her husband had an "un-birthday" party for their happy little 3 year old.  Sawyer is the definition of a miracle baby, born at just 28 weeks, that little man has beaten all odds and is a happy, healthy toddler. 
He spent his first 4 months residing in the tiniest of incubators in the NICU, but got to go home earlier than the doctors had suspected.  As a way to commemorate that amazing day in 2010, Sawyer gets an "un-birthday" party for the first day he got to go home!
Jen and her husband are amazing people!  Jen is my official Starbucks Date buddy, and we have some fantastic memories from our trip to San Diego when we were bridesmaids together in a friend's wedding.

Here is what I decided to wear.   {Apparently that day I decided that matching was soo uncool!}

pants: New York and CO
shoes: Target
shirt: Target

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