Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not my Wedding Wednesday

This weekend is my oldest brother, Michael's, wedding.  He and his fiance, Amelia, live here in Virginia Beach so the wedding will be just down the road.

They will be married at the Pungo Aviation Museum, which is an amazing place that was started by one man's own personal plane collection.
 {I am pretty sure that is baller status}

I am so excited for all our relatives to come into town!!  I have not seen most of them since Thanksgiving, which is way too long. 

My main concern for their upcoming nupitals was what to wear, of course!  My sister found an amazing dress early on, but my search lasted a bit longer.  Then, as I was giving up hope, I slipped into a shop I had never purchased from before. And after a few fails, the most amazing employee handed me the dress!  It was amazing.  I felt so good and got tons of complaints from the ladies in the shop (granted, I am sure those sweet women work on commisson, but I soaked up their lovely comments!).

(I don't think this picture does it justice)

Thank you to the lovely ladies of White House, Black Market for helping me!

So I will spend Friday digging through my closet to find the perfect accessories, but I can't wait to dance the night away in this amazing dress!! 

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