Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday!

Linking up with the lovely ladies for the weekly Five on Friday!

The apparently awesome hair day I had yesterday.  I got a ton of compliments on how great my hair looked.  my secret * wake up late for work and use the car window's down as your personal hair dryer (oh and don't use a drop of all those fancy hair products you spend so much money on! of course)

First day of SUMMER!!!  Love this time of year!!  Beaches, Bars, Bikes... all the great B's happen in the summer!!

Finally getting to work on our wedding invites!  I am a great 'planner' without a lot of the follow through.  We are getting down to the wire and while my pinterest board may be overflowing with wedding ideas, nothing has really been happening!  My misson this weekend is to fix that!  So this weekend with Brandon is jam packed with tux fittings, marriage prep class, and meetings with wedding people galore!!

My brain is overloaded with house plans!  We are still nailing down the exact plans as our well and septic guys get to work (oh the joys of living in the country!)  This is one of those incredibly exciting and gut-wrenchingly anxious moments in life!  But I am very thankful that we even have the oppurtunity to build our own home!

My BFF is coming to town this week and I finally get to give her the biggest hug!  She got engaged memorial down weekend and I haven't seen her, or that mega rock of hers, in person yet!!  My heart is so happy for them! 

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