Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

Brandon and I spent Friday evening after work in pre-marital prep classes.  We are getting married in the Catholic church and this two-day class is a requirement.  It was not as dreadful as I expected, Brandon may have a different response, but I do have to say we were laughing through parts so it was not terrible.  (we go back in July for the full Saturday class)

Started the day with a trip to our wedding venue to meet with the lady in charge to discuss table arraignments, DJ set-up and food choices.  It was a beautiful day and she is such a sweet, amazing lady. 

Then it was over to the famer's market to pick up some fresh strawberries to take to Brandon at the firehouse.  As soon as I got there, the guys went to work on making strawberry ice cream.. sad I didn't get a bowl of that!  Ate a quick lunch with the guys then hopped over to the local flower wholesaler to schedule a bouquet appt and see their inventory!

Made a quick trip to church with my dad and then dinner with him and my older brother.  My mom was out of town in Pa visiting her mother and my sister-in-law was away with work, so we chowed down on some ribs and margaritas (odd mix, I know!)
Finally it was time to go out and meet up with the girls (and Brent)!  Lauren's little sister was out to celebrate her 22nd birthday so we all tagged along for some drinks at the oceanfront!

We had to hop on the sand to get a picture under the amazing moon!
Holly and Brent!

Love her!  New favorite picture!

engaged bffs!!

It was a fantastic night and I was so happy to get to give a big "yayy you are engaged hug" to my bff and her fianc√©!!  I cannot wait for all the festivities for their wedding to begin.  (first up a trip up to visit them for their engagement party :D ) *Holly, I am so excited!!

I woke up remembering that I am out of shape.  Holly and I did some dancing and let me just say my legs still hurt this morning... sad, I know!
Brandon and I went back to the reception venue to have lunch with his dad's cousins who will be our mistress' of ceremony at the wedding.  I left with a big to-do list of info to get them.  I am getting so excited as we get closer!!
We spent the afternoon lounging and finished the evening watching the Skywire guy walk over the Grand Canyon.  My dad said he had to stop watching when they showed the view from him looking down (the man who flew planes for years is horribly afraid of heights.  he says you can't fall out of a plane, but you can sure fall off the wire!)

Now it's back to the work week and me praying for 5.  I am so ready for a nap!!
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