Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend Recap - family wedding!

Oh the weekends are never long enough :(

We had a jam-packed weekend here, and I was happily in bed by 9:00 Sunday night!

Thursday evening, I was headed from work to my brother's rehearsal dinner when I had the pleasure of being rear-ended at the traffic light.  I had to make the call to say I would be late for dinner as I was jotting down all the girl's info. {I didn't call the cops and I have heard that was a terrible idea from everyone I have talked to… oops}

I used some duct tape to reattach my bumper and finally made it to dinner before the main meal was served, thank goodness!

Friday started with a bridal luncheon for the bride-to-be at her family friend’s beautiful home.  The weather was back and forth between rain and shine, but their covered porch was perfect for brunch.

Then it was back to my parent’s home to get it set up for the Moran/Hartman out-of-towner party.  My parent’s grew up in the same small town in PA and almost all their siblings still live there.  So the whole gang headed down and had an amazing time catching up. 

We were up early Saturday and headed back to my parent’s for some pool time with all the girls since the guys had gone out for a morning round of golf.

Then it was time to get ready and head to the museum for the big event!  The wedding and ceremony were amazing, and my brother looked so happy.  All the female guests even had a surprise to share.  My sister-in-law had set up a secret flash-mob dance during the reception.  It was hilarious and everyone had so much fun with it.  It was nowhere near perfect, but we were all laughing the whole time.

Michael wore sneakers... I thought my mother was gonna die

Baby Jack is a ham!
We left the reception and headed to the after-party at my parents (apparently my family does not like a party to end).  Around 1 am, Brandon gave me the ‘I am gonna fall asleep in this recliner’ look and we headed out.

Sunday, while Brandon went to play in a Pool League tournament and my brother-in-law went to lunch with the guys, my sister and I headed with my nephews back to my parent’s house to soak in every last minute of family time we could get!

Sadly it was time for everyone to get on the road, and I met up with Brandon and went to the farm to get in some time with the puppies and I drifted off to bed super early to sounds of the NBA finals!

I don’t know how to make a more perfect weekend!!

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  1. Sorry about the bumper but glad you had a good weekend otherwise.