Monday, July 1, 2013

Floral fest Monday

Saturday morning I was up early and out to the flower shop to talk with our florist about bouquets.   I have an irrational fear that all the flowers are going to wilt the morning of our wedding and look like death, so floral displays are not high on my must have list.  In fact, I am sticking with the ‘can’t die’ type of centerpieces and using flowers strictly for bouquets and boutonnieres.  
The lady at the wholesale florist shop was great; she had even squeezed my early morning appointment into the shops busy schedule.  The shop was full of buckets of beautiful flowers.  I walked around trying to learn the names {I have zero knowledge when it comes to flowers}. 
We sat down and discussed the number of arraignments we would need and what we were looking for.  I promptly pulled out pictures I had seen on pinterest and explained which parts I loved!  She took one look at the pictures, ran to the back and came out with just what I was looking for!  We talked about trading out some colors, she made some notes and we were done!  Easy enough, and one more thing off the to do list!
Here were my "inspiration pictures"




 And here is the bouquet she put together

I have learned that I love hydrengas, succulents and tiffany roses... who knew!

What are your favorite flowers?  Did you have big floral centerpieces at your wedding?

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  1. These bouquets are all so beautiful! I especially like the second one.