Thursday, July 25, 2013

A B C's of me!

Saw this fun little list over at Wayferes and Worksheets and Lauren invited everyone to play along!  Check out her list and make yours too!
A. Attached or single?  happily attached
{to this hunk}
that little bobcat is currently stuffed and sitting in Brandon's parents waiting to go in our new house.. {it's going in the man room if I have my way, or on the mantel if Brandon get's his}
 B. Best friendsssss? I have to say I am so lucky to have some of the best friends anyone can ask for!

C. Cake or pie? cake… pies seems like a ton of work!
D. Day of choice? I am gonna have to say Saturday, you can have all the fun you want, and still have all of Sunday to do what you had put off before everyone heads to work on Monday!
E. Essential item? cell phone {I know that is awful to say}
F. Favorite color?
I change my mind on this one a lot, but right now I am loving light coral and blush {feeling a bit girly}
G. Gummy bears or worms? The worms.. definitely!
H. Home town? Virginia Beach, Virginia
I. Favorite indulgence? chips and salsa {I would eat it every meal if Brandon didn't stop me}
J. January or July? July, give me hot weather over a freezing cold, but not cold enough for snow, Virginia Beach January any day!
K. Kids? one day, I’ll just hang with my nephews for now and give them back when they get cranky!

last summer by the pool with my favorite buddies
L. Life isn't complete without? happiness
M. Marriage date? September 14th, 2013… which is coming at me, and my to-do lists, head on {but I am soooo excited!}!
N. Number of brothers/sisters? 3 brothers and 1 sister, don’t know what I would do without them!


1 - 5 ... oldest to youngest
{bangs were a bad decision}

P. Phobias? I couldn't really think of one, I have a few fears, but I wouldn't say they were "phobia" level fears.  BUT wanna see something crazy, I goggled "Phobias" and found this list {you have to check it out}.  It must be a miserable life to have some of these fears.. Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news / Geniophobia- Fear of chins / Ideophobia- Fear of ideas {crazytown!!!  How do you get through the day with these phobias?!}
Q. Quotes?We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be” - Nikki Giovanni
 R. Reasons to smile? Life… it’s not too shabby
S. Season of choice? Tail end of summer, beginning of fall {can I be selfish and pick two?!}  There is something about those last hot days of summer when the beach is perfect.  The toursits are gone, the sand is not scorching and the water feels refreshing.  Somehow the beer just tastes best on those days!  But you have to also love the light crisp air of fall, the leaves changing colors and back to school feel just seems to give a fresh start to everything!
T. Tag 5 people. Anyone who wants to play!  Such a great list from Lauren @ Wayferes and Worksheets!
U. Unknown fact about me?  I had jaw surgery my junior year, it did not line up correctly.  My mouth was rubberbanded shut for 6 weeks and my diet consistented heavily of cottage cheese and go-gurt!
V. Vegetable? Fried okra is my new favorite!  Brandon’s dad makes them for me now because he thought it was tragic that I had never had okra before I had them at their house.  He makes them into the perfect fried bite size pieces!
W. Worst habit? Over-commiting.  I like to be helpful so I'll always say yes
X. X-Ray or ultrasound? I have only ever had an x-ray {this one made me laugh… is it asking your favorite?}
Y. Your favorite food? That is a tough choice.  but if I am making it, it’s spaghetti (well I can cook the noddles and I use some sauce my mom makes) and if it’s made for me Shrimp Scampi over white rice… delicious!!
Z. Zodiac sign? scorpio

Leave a comment with a link if you play along!


  1. yay! glad you liked my list! And yes on over-committing I always say yes and then have 6 things to do in one day!

  2. I'm a VA girl, too! And your wedding is getting so close--how exciting!