Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Hunt for Red October...

I mean the Hunt for Mint Shoes!
{here is the Wikipedia link to that reference.... I am pretty sure my family is the only one that owns that VHS classic)
It seems to me that everyone and their dog must own mint shoes.  I went on the search for mint pumps for my bridesmaids to wear.  I came across some amazing pair.  I would look them over then email the girls and no sooner had they opened their inboxes then the shoe would be sold out in every size!  Madness!! 
It got to the point where my dreams were filled with mint pump parades!
After looking for weeks, I finally stumbled upon a perfect pair and can't wait to see them paired with the dresses.

Mint Pumps

Mint Pumps by emilymoran08 featuring platform high heels - {the link to Polyvore}
Some of the runners up... don't fall in love, they are mostly sold out! :(

What is your favorite color right now?  Is it mint like the rest of woman kinds?

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