Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Catch-up

No real wild and crazy Shenanigans over here this weekend, but it was a productive one for the wedding to-do list!
First, I would like to say that I felt like the only person in the United States that worked on Friday, but I sucked it up and listened later as everyone talked about their fun 4 day weekend!
After a Saturday morning of playing with the beagle puppies at the farm (finally got to take them out of their box and let them run around in the grass, well, more wobble around… they are so stinkin cute!!) Brandon and I headed to Men’s Wharehouse to pick out the tuxedos for the guys.  We looked around at some of the options but I am pretty happy that Brandon went with the one I had liked last time we looked.  I left the choice totally up to him (with the exception of no camo!) since he didn’t get a say in the girl’s dress… only fair right?
We went with the Vera Wang suits.  I love that they have the classic tux suit, nothing fancy or flashy to it!  I can’t wait to see the guys all dressed up!
Then Sunday, while Brandon was at work, I met with the DJ to sign our contract and figure out where his set-up would be at the reception venue.  He is a great guy and I am excited he will be our DJ in September!
Straight from the meeting with him I walked out onto the beach (the reception venue is amazing… I don’t think I can say that enough)  to meet my friend Lauren to soak up some beach time.  It could not have been a prettier day at the beach, the sun was shining and the water was perfect!  My ability to apply sunscreen effectively was gravely lacking…oh the burn! But it was so nice to catch up with all Lauren’s job hunting adventures (Dr. Lauren that is, J she graduated Vet school in May)
Now it’s back to Monday!  How was your guys’ weekend?  Linking-up with Sammi!
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