Thursday, July 18, 2013

Simply Style Boutique - Retail Therapy Thursday

We are adding something new to Simply Style Boutique today and introducing Retail Therapy Thursdays!!
Every Thursday, we will choose a different shop item to drastically discount for all of you.

The idea came to me after a crazy long day, after a crazy busy week and as I sat on the couch with my wine and computer, all I wanted to do was reward myself for not giving up with a something fun to add to my closet.  I am pretty sure that treating yourself to something nice may be one of the greatest feelings. 
So we want to make that great feeling for you a little nicer on your wallet!!
Now the trick to Therapy Thursday's is that you have to be quick.  Once the item of choice is sold out, the sale is done!  Be sure that you are following Simply Style Boutique on Facebook and have registered on the site so you get you first view of the item for the day!
Without further ado, today's Retail Therapy Thursday item is our Charcoal Cut-out Dress!

This dress in the perfect shade of grey has the very popular cut-out design.  The comfortable fabric makes this dress so versatile for day or night!
and at $18.00... it's too good to pass up!!
Get yours at and Happy Therapy Thursday!

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