Monday, July 22, 2013

Paddleboarding and puppies.. how was your weekend?!

Can we start our Monday with a high-five to mother nature for some awesome weather this weekend!!  Now, we are back to Monday and the rain has already started... but I'll take it.

This weekend was definitely a good one! 

Friday started with a Going Away party for Brandon's Uncle who headed out to sea on Sunday with the Navy.  Brandon had to work, so I went to hang out with his family. 

Saturday I started with some coffee and to-do lists for wedding prep! (the lists seem to be never ending!)
After my list was complete and I chatted with my sister a bit who had come over to lay by the pool it was off to the stores to grab some wedding supplies at the craft shops.  I could spend hours in those places.  They are like Pinterest in that they make me feel way more creative than I am!
Then out to the farm to help Brandon with some dog houses for the beagles.  Those puppies are getting more adorable everyday!

Sunday was a perfect day.  While Brandon got up early to head to work, I got up and headed down to the Outer Banks to visit with my family {poor guy misses all the fun things}.  My parents and brothers were down visiting with my aunt, uncle and cousins from Pennsylvania.  The sand was scorching hot, the water was ice cold, but the weather was perfect! 

I even got to try out paddleboarding for the first time!  The wind was crazy, but I was pretty proud of myself for staying up the whole time.  Though on the water and fighting the wind by yourself seems more fun in theory... I think it would be a bit more exciting if you had a destination and someone out there with you!

Rocked this little suit at the beach on Sunday and I would like to send out a PSA that this top, while adorable for beach romping, is not built for water sports {mainly paddling through waves on giant boards)!  Thank goodness the go-pro was not on while I was on the paddleboard... that video would not be family friendly!

We spent the day down on the beach and then after dinner I drove back home because it is back to work for me this Monday.  (though the idea of just living on the beach did cross my mind more than once!)

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  1. So jealous! I love the beach. Can't get enough of the water.. Pretty sure I need to try paddle boarding :)