Thursday, April 30, 2015

Packing my bags and hitting the road

I am wrapping up the week early and heading north to the beach in New Jersey for a weekend get-a-way with family.  The weather may not look ideal for beach bumming, but my bags are almost packed and I am ready to go.
 I thought I would share a little of my outfit choices for the weekend before it iswas rolled and stuffed into my luggage (rolling really is the best way to pack).
I can not wait to wear these amazing new lounge pants. 
Pants: New York & Co | Shirt: New York and Co | Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger
Obsessed with white pants may be an understatement.

Pants: Joe Fresh | Shirt: H & M | Sandals: American Eagle


Pants: New York & Co | Shirt: Target | Wedges: Target

Now I am not quite sure where the weather may lead us, I figured you can’t head to a beach house and not throw at least one bikini in the bag.
Bikini: Victoria’s Secret | Beach Cover: Target


I did manage to stash in a dress and workout clothes because, well I am a compulsive over packer… opps! 
I love to include outfit pieces that I can mix and match that can leave me set for any situation.  What are your favorite things to pack for a weekend away?

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