Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nail Envy

Chatting about nail polish the other day with a girl friend we learned we are polar opposites.  She said nail polish makes her feel as though her nails are suffocating.  She wears it rarely, and can only leave it on for short periods of time.  The thought of that floored me!

I on the other hand can not stand my nails to be bare.  I have very weak nails, one of those family traits that I gripe about with my sister because she can feel my pain.  My nails have always been paper thin, peel easily and because of those lovely traits I find it hard to keep regular nail polish on for more than a few hours.  I feel in love with shellac manicures a few years back.  They were the perfect solution to keep my nails fresh and strong, but living a bit far from my favorite nail salon make those bi-weekly treats a bit harder to come by.

Enter – Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy. 

This long wear nail enamel is one of the best products I have come across in a while.  It comes in a vast array of colors, but let’s be honest I use the same neutral colors and my “crazy” color is this light pink.  The two-piece set is easy to use (you will need the color polish plus the clear top coat) and has lasting results.  It goes on incredibly smoothly and dries faster than regular polish (win-win)!

I am always trying new polish to get the perfect mani and have also had my eyes on the at home gel kits (with the light to cure).  This is next on my “to try” list.

Have any of you ladies tried the Revlon Colorstay or the at home light kit?  Any tips?

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  1. I dont have that color yet, but I do have the blue one and I love the staying power! I have both the gel light set and this one at home and honestly both are great, but the time saving on the revlon one is worth it! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston