Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and get them sit ups right

After downloading my T25 workouts when I got to work on Tuesday, I was all set to work out Tuesday after work. And I did... and it was ROUGH!
I pushed through and even did two sessions to make-up for missing Monday.  I called my sister after I was finished to commiserate over how out of shape we are!  She recommended I take a motrin before bed, which my little legs were a little less sore in the morning thanks to. 
I finished my "Totally Body Circuit Work-out" this evening and oh, it burns so good!!
Those 25 minutes are pure torture but it feels so good when I am done. 
Brandon is on the workout bandwagon with me and has even turned it up a notch and has us eating healthier too.  I haven't gotten him to do the T25 workout with me yet, but he supportively came in the room last night and laughed hysterically at my complete lack of rhythm and coordination (even took a little video blackmail)... gotta love him.
Now I just need to keep up my motivation!  So I am dreaming of a summer full of

paddle boarding sessions
. walks with this guy
and days spent here
 wearing this
 and hopefully looking just as good.
So bring it on Shaun T!!!

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  1. Such a cute suit! and send some of that motivation over here! :) Have a good one girlie! :)