Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Lust List

Valentine's Day Lust List
Brandon and I have never been a big Valentine's Day couple. I think  this goes back to us having our first date on February 7th.  That close to Valentine's Day makes for an awkward February 14th.  We were a new couple so we didn't want to make a big deal about a "love" holiday.  We ended up going out to eat that first February 14th (only because there was no food in Brandon's bachelor pad) and had a perfect night eating at the Applebee's bar, since there was no seat left in any restaurant in town!
While we don't go all out on this holiday, a girl can always dream right?!  Here is a little Valentine's Day inspired Lust List!
1. Cute, and practical pajamas... it's winter people!
2. To commemorate the first Valentine's Day since he made me his Mrs!
3. Flowers... you can never go wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers!
4. A date night outfit, picked out by him!
5. A scented candle, you can always use candles!
6. A new, sexier robe than the oversized flannel one I have been rocking for years!
What is on your Valentine's Lust List!

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