Thursday, February 6, 2014

What NOT to discuss in the Cube Farm

I discovered, and quickly fell in love with Mary's blog, The Classy Cubical.  It is an amazing little spot on the internet where she shows off great office appropriate and still fashionable looks.  She also has a hilarious little post about the Top Ten Cubicle Crimes in fashionIt is amazing. 
At my 9 to 5'r we get fresh, new, just out of high school interns in the summer, the looks these girl's wear make me want to throw them in the car, head straight for the mall and show them what "appropriate" clothing looks like.  Mary's blog is the next best thing!
Her blog got me thinking, it's not just what you wear that can give off the wrong impression to co-workers and clients, but also what comes up in your everyday office conversations. 
After talking with friends I put together a small list of "What to NOT discuss with coworkers and customers" taken straight from the mouths of those uncomfortable coworkers and customers.
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What NOT to discuss with coworkers and customers...
1. How you got knocked-up by your boyfriend.  That it was totally unplanned and you probably need to get married now.
(This one happened to me at the other day.  Why the hygienist felt this was good small talk, I am not quite sure.  I am happy for her and her boyfriend...err, fianc√©?!, but you could just mention you are excited about being pregnant and leave out your inability to effectively use birth control.)
2. How you are cheating on your husband/boyfriend.
(My sister was telling me about how her manicurist was going in to way too much detail about the affair she was having and how she couldn't wait to get off work and go over her new "friends" place... what?!)
3. Let's just go ahead and put a blanket statement of "Let's Not Talk About Sex At Work EVER!" 
(This should be a happy hour discussion topic with your girlfriends, not cubicle talk.  Don't Ask, Don't Tell should cover every person single person at work)
4. How you hate your co-workers.
(From a customer stand point this just makes everything uncomfortable)
5. How often, and much, you drink
(If your cube farm buddies are your BFF's they already know, no point in risking your boss over hearing how smashed you were last night.  No one wants to promote the office lush.)
6.  How you terribly messed up the customer before me and how their account/transaction was completely wrong.
(Had this lovely chat the other day.  Let's just say I called that office the very next day to be sure MY permit had been correctly filed)
What else can we add to this list?!  I would love to hear more horror cubical chat stories!

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  1. This post had me laughing. I am 21 and work in an office, and cubicle with adults that are at least 20+ years older than me. Sometimes I just listen to the conversations everyone has about health procedures, relationship issues, and just nod and keep my mouth shut haha.