Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No One Puts Baby in a Cubicle

Oh, but they did!

When you dream of your real world adult job, you picture a big corner office with a window, view of the ocean and every morning's e-mail check filled with sounds of waves crashing, birds chirping and a warm cup of glorious coffee with hope for the new day. 

I'll take this one!
or this one!
Then you wake up from the dream, find yourself sitting in a dreary cubicle farm where the heat is broken and the motion detector light goes off on you when you sit too long.  No view of the ocean, heck no window at all. 
Oh real world... college made you seem so much cooler!

I love my 9 to 5'r.  My work is fun and I get to lead some pretty neat projects, but my everyday view leaves a lot to be desired.
One of my 2014 goals is to not settle!  So while I can't storm into the directors office and demand a office upgrade, or pay raise and all the up-to-date technology I can dream of (I do beg often for a iPad... they laugh a lot at that one!), I can spruce up my little 4' x 6' home while I am there.

I had already been scouring pinterest for inspiration for my upcoming home office for Simply Style Boutique (oh, I can not wait to share what we do with that space!) so I expanded my search a bit and started to look at cubicle organization/décor!
Here is what I have been day dreaming of, while pretending my walls weren't so grey.




My organization/décor prepping includes finding a way to hang my pen cups from the cube wall, decorating tins for desk catch-alls, finding the perfect lamp and getting some frames to bring all my favorite faces and posters with me to work!
I may possibly need to add a little glittery garland... it seems you can't go wrong with garland!!
How do you dress up your work space?!

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  1. My last office had white cinder block walls a la our house in Oak Lane. It was so depressing, I put up the Disney Princess poster from the Valentines I bought.