Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thank you Mr. President!

To all the past president's that were celebrated this lovely three-day weekend, your country thanks you (well, at least the one's whose work recognized this honorable day)!
Friday's workday was full of cavity-inducing wonderful treats.

oh Dunkin Donuts... crème filled and heart shaped?!  Heaven!

Then Brandon and I started our Friday night with a long overdue sushi date at a tiny little restaurant in Suffolk.  We definitely forgot that the spot only had 7 tables.  On Valentine's Day, that leads to a bit of a wait.  Thankfully everyone else seemed to not have much patience for waiting so we were up for a table quicker than we thought! 
After filling up on sushi and edamame, we grabbed some movies and headed home.
We woke up to a rainy Saturday which meant movies on the couch, then I headed to my parent's house for dinner.  We had family in town so we squeezed around the dining room table and caught up.
Thankfully the rain was gone by Sunday morning.  Brandon had plans to take our newest beagle puppies to a bunny pen to learn to hunt (apparently they need to "learn" to follow their natural instincts).  So I rode down with him and the pups to the North Carolina pen and spent the afternoon following the dogs around the woods.  It was about as enjoyable for me as it sounds.  For Brandon, nothing could be better.  

man in his natural element

On Monday I was thankful for an extra weekend day, which was spent sleeping in late, errands, and a failed attempt at cupcakes with the husband!  When the deflated disasters came out of the oven (before I could hide it with icing), Brandon quickly commented that he was so thankful he didn't marry me for my baking skills... he is so sweet!
Now it's back to the 9 to 5'r and no work day holidays in the near future, bummer!

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